Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fr. Adam Royal
October 24, 2021 - 11:00 AM

Audio Recording

The blind beggar was a broken person living in a broken world. It was not fair that he was born without sight. It was not fair that no doctor on earth could cure him, or that he had to beg every day just to survive. But it was his life. As miserable as it could be at times, it was the only life he had. The beggar had to make a choice: he could allow the hardships of life to overwhelm and control him, or he could hope; he could hope for a better way and keep struggling. That is, he had either to allow his sufferings to defeat him or fight back. He chose to fight, to keep pushing against the seemingly limitless injustices of this world.

Then the beggar heard of Jesus, of one who had the power to overcome the world and bring healing to it. The man’s hope was bolstered. Finally, some light was shining into the darkness of his life. Experiencing that light he cried out, “Have mercy on me! Show me that my hope, my struggle, has not been futile!” And the world beat him down again. The same people who would never have given this man a penny began to rebuke him. They demanded he be silent and stop his prayers. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t listen to that wretched crowd. He just keeps praying, he keeps hoping, and Jesus finally responds to him. “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man’s request is simple, “I want to see.” Then the most astounding thing happens. Jesus does not heal him. Instead Jesus answers the man, “Because of your faith, you already see.” Then he realized his eyes were open, everything was finally clear.

This is not a miracle story. It is a story about discipleship, about what it means to follow Jesus and how it changes us. We were all blind and broken just like this beggar. Like the beggar we must keep fighting; we must keep praying. Even when it seems like God is not listening, we must have faith, and trust that God will give us his grace. Because our healing, our wholeness, is found in the struggle.

When Jesus finally spoke to the blind beggar, his sight was already restored. In fact, the blind man was the only person in the crowd who could see truly. By refusing to stand down from his struggle against the discouragement of the world he became victorious and complete. Jesus is offering us this same grace. But we must have the courage to desire it, the courage to struggle against the world and never give up.