Overall Status: Green

Our project continues to take shape as we move towards a late-spring groundbreaking. We have partnered with George Armour Ewart Architects and JOSEPH Construction as contractor to bring the project to life. For the sake of efficiency, we are using the design-build construction model.

The project will be broken into 3 phases. Phase 1 will be construction of the new music room on the north side of the campus. Phase 2 will include renovation of the current altar-server prep room into an access corridor for the new build and smaller alar-server prep room. Phase 3 will include renovation of the current Music Room into 2 meeting rooms.

Click here for a copy of the construction plan for Phase 1.

Updates from this week:

  • The contractor received the approval letter from the City of Alcoa late last week on our proposed plan
  • Next step is for the architect to wrap up his final plans
  • Once we get the final set of plans from the architect, the contractor will reconfirm the bids from the subcontractors
  • After final plans are received and reconfirmed with the subcontractors, we will be ready for submission to the Bishop for contract execution

Next Steps:

-Paperwork / Project Plan for the DOK

Contact Rick Hill via phone or text @ 865-335-9144 or email [email protected] with questions.