Liturgy Committee

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

In every celebration of the Eucharist, there should be a sufficient number of ministers of Holy Communion so that it may be distributed in a reverent and orderly manner. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should receive sufficient spiritual, theological, and practical preparation to fulfill their role with knowledge and reverence. In all matters they should follow the guidance of the diocesan bishop, Bishop Stika. All ministers of Holy Communion should show the greatest reverence for the Most Holy Eucharist by their demeanor, their attire, and the manner in which they handle the consecrated bread or wine.

Weekend Mass Scheduling:
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Morning Mass Scheduling:
John and Joan Speck | [email protected]

Home and Nursing Home Visits:
Fr. Andrés Cano | [email protected]


The lector is instituted to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the gospel reading. He may also announce the intentions for the General Intercessions and, in the absence of the psalmist, sing or read the psalm between the readings. When the Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself is speaking to his people, and Christ, present in his own word, is proclaiming the gospel. The readings of God’s word must therefore be listened to by all with reverence; they make up a principal element of the liturgy.

Deacon Bill Jacobs | [email protected]


The role of the sacristan is to oversee and keep in good order the worship space (including the sanctuary, the nave, and the gathering area) and the sacristy. They must have a reverence for the sanctuary and for all articles and sacred vessels used in worship and liturgical activities. The sacristan is appointed to be available to prepare everything needed for the liturgy.

Cheryl Land | [email protected]

Altar Servers

Servers should be mature enough to understand their responsibilities and to carry them out well and with appropriate reverence. They should have already received Holy Communion for the first time and normally receive the Eucharist whenever they participate in the liturgy. Servers should receive proper formation before they begin to function. The formation should include instruction on the Mass and its parts and their meaning, the various objects used in the liturgy (their names and use), and the various functions of the server during the Mass and other liturgical celebrations. Servers should also receive appropriate guidance on maintaining proper decorum and attire when serving Mass and other functions.

Leon Dodd | [email protected]

Arts & Environment

This ministry maintains plants in the church. Also, decorates church for Christmas and Easter and orders palms and decorates for Palm Sunday. Altar flower memorial requests are available. Contact Dottie or the parish office.

Dottie Osborne | [email protected]


Ushers greet arriving parishioners and guests, making them feel welcome. They act as first responders if someone is in distress. They ensure that the Lord’s house is in order before, during and after the celebration of Mass.

Bob Myers | [email protected]