Gospel of John Study – Ep. 09

John 5 is the focus of this weeks study. Jesus asserts authority over the Sabbath, claims equality with God the Father, and refocuses the Sabbath rest.


Reflect on Jesus’ call to make ministry personal. Jesus entered into relationships with those to whom he ministered. He called people to a personal relationship with God and to build up the loving community of the Kingdom. Make a plan to be more personal and build relationships in your own ministry and charitable works especially on the Sabbath.

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  1. It just occurred to me as I was listening to you speak of the Jews wanting to persecute, and prosecute, Jesus for seemingly setting himself up as a second Divine Power…how could the Jews have possibly known that their God was trinitarian in nature? If they had had such knowledge, would they have been so likely to persecute Jesus? How would they have had the same knowledge that Moses had, and did Moses have that knowledge when he was still alive?

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      From the texts of the OT alone, they could not have known. The Trinity had to be revealed to us and it is Christ who did so. What they should have recognized, was that Jesus is the God of Israel in the flesh. All he said and did fulfilled the law of Moses and the prophecies of the OT. Jesus was saying to them, “If you understood Moses and Abraham, you would know who I am.”

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