Gospel of John Study – Ep. 05

John 2:23-3:15 is the focus of this weeks study of the Gospel of John.

Meditate on the scene of the bronze serpent in the wilderness, how truly bizarre it must have seemed. Then look upon our crucified Lord and meditate on how he has transformed our greatest fear and the greatest of evils, death, into our salvation. What does this say about how we should approach life and its troubles?

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      That is a very good question. There is no certain answer to that question, but there are a few possibilities. One option is that it could be the “We of majesty,” sometimes called the “royal We.” This would be an indication of greatness and authority. Another possibility is that the words of the Church are being placed upon the lips of Jesus, i.e. that the Church is speaking to her people or evangelizing. It might also be a vague Trinitarian reference, much as can be found in the opening chapters of Genesis. I lean towards this last view. I think John’s Gospel is filled with little references like this that would only be picked up by those steeped in the words and theology of the Hebrew Scriptures. It is a part of his evangelizing efforts among the Jewish people.

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