Gospel of John Study – Ep. 03

In episode 03 we look at the wedding at Cana.


  • Reread John 2:1-11 and ask yourself how various theories change the way you would understand the text and apply it in your life. What does each view say about Jesus? Do some views seem more likely than others or do some seem to have more relevance to your life?
  • Reflect on Mary’s role in this story and consider joining Fr. Pete’s consecration to Mary that begins later this month.

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  1. As I placed myself in the scene, I found I was attracted to the mother of Jesus (who, if I remember correctly from my studies, is never named in the Gospel of John). I pictured her telling Jesus that there was no more wine and, after Jesus shrugged and told her it was none of his business, she crinkled her brow and, looking her son in the eye, told the servants to “do whatever he tells you.” Her motherly instinct knew her son would take action.

    It brought to mind the many times in my childhood growing up on a farm, not wanting to do my chores or the extra chores assigned by my parents. One time, in the heat of the summer, Mom got my brother and myself out of bed at the break of dawn to get out and work in the garden pulling weeds. My brother, two years older and, of course, two years wiser, decided we should run away from home. We got on our bikes and went to my aunt’s house about 10 miles away. Feeling guilty, my brother called Mom (who hadn’t even realized we were gone, thinking we were out in the garden). She came and got us, putting our bikes in the back of my Dad’s truck which was parked at my aunt’s while he used the company truck. She immediately sent us into the garden to work and we obeyed, knowing that when Dad got home, we would be in trouble. Surprisingly, the punishment (no bikes for the rest of the summer) was given not because we ran away from home but because we rode our bikes on the highway which was heavily travelled by trucks. In my case, “do whatever he tells you”, taught me that older does not necessarily mean wiser.

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