Christ the King - Fr. Pete Iorio
November 21, 2021 - 8:00 AM

Audio Recording

Let us reflects on all the trappings of a king and affirm that the reign of Jesus Christ our king is not of this world as he said in the gospel, It is paradoxical that his throne is the cross; his crown is not shining with gold and jewels but is made of thorns and cutting his head; he is clothed not in royal robes but is stripped of his dignity. As we behold Christ our King, let us exalt Him by looking on Him not only with our physical eyes, but with the insight of the Holy Spirit. This demands spiritual contemplation. Our King went to the ends of the universe in order to embrace and save every living being. He did not condemn us, nor did he conquer us, and he never disregarded our freedom, but he paved the way with a humble love that forgives all things, hopes all things, sustains all things. This love alone overcame and continues to overcome our worst enemies: sin, death, fear.

We proclaim that Jesus became the King of every age, the Lord of history: with the sole power of love, which is the nature of God. His life, has no end. We joyfully share the splendor of having Jesus as our King because he extends his regal power into us. His rule of love transforms sin into grace, death into resurrection, fear into trust. That is the power of faith …trusting that as we follow Him in letting go of control, God will raise Him …and us… to new life.

If we accept Christ the King as the model for our lives, we have an example of a king teaching us how we should treat others. Each time we forgive a brother, a spouse, a child, a coworker, a neighbor, we will have lived the example of Christ the King. Every time that we overcome suspicion of an individual who is of another race or religion, we live the example of Christ the King. Each time we speak out against the death and violence in any form, we live the example of Christ the King. And every time, we endure personal pain in order to extend a word of support for another, we live the example of Christ the King. This is divine merciful love flowing through us. The power of Christ Our King gives us the grace, the power to be able to love in such a way as to bear hurts patiently.

So on this solemnity of Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, we highlight the coming together of humanity and divinity in such a way as to recommit
ourselves to cooperate with Him in bringing forth His Kingdom of love and justice for all.