Christmas may be your first time returning to in-person worship due to the still-ongoing pandemic. We ask that you to please be patient and mindful of others as we anticipate a large number of parishioners and visitors at each of our masses - especially the 5 pm mass on Christmas Eve. Here are the main things you need to know about returning to Our Lady of Fatima.

Am I obligated to attend mass on Christmas?
The obligation to attend mass continues to be dispensed by our Bishop. If you are hesitant to attend given the recent increase in positive covid-19 cases in our community, you can still watch any of the liturgies on our parish Facebook page or on the front page of this website. All of the masses on December 24th and 25th will be live-streamed.

When should I arrive if I have a reservation?
We recommend coming 30-45 minutes early. 15 minutes before mass, we will allow "walk-ins" to be seated, at which time seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Your entire group must be present before you will be seated. Given the anticipated crowd, for safety purposes, the ushers will be seating families from the front of the church to back.

Do I need to print/bring my "ticket"?
No, the ushers will have an attendee list at the doors of the Narthex.

Will masks be required?
Yes, cloth facemasks are mandatory. We do this not to protect ourselves but out of love of our neighbor. If you do not have a mask upon entering the church, one will be provided by an usher in the Narthex.

Can I sing at mass?
Congregational singing is permitted - you will be seated 6' apart from the next family and your mask will remain on for the entirety of the liturgy.

What if I don't have a reservation? Can I still come to mass?
Those who wish to attend the Christmas Eve & Day Masses but do not have a reservation will be asked to remain outside in your vehicle until 15 minutes before the mass begins to allow those with a reservation to be seated. At that time, you are welcome to enter the church if we are not already at capacity. Very limited additional seating is being added in the chapel and the narthex.

Do I need to print my own worship aid?
The worship aids for each mass will be available digitally (to view on your mobile devices) and in print and can be picked up when entering the church.