Bulletin for Sunday, November 8 - 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Correction

The Mass Intentions in this week’s bulletin were accidentally duplicated from last week’s bulletin. The corrected intentions have been pasted in physical copies distributed at mass. The intentions for this week are as follows:

Monday 8AM: Fran Madjecki
Tuesday 8AM: +Frank & Katherine Valestin+
Tuesday 12PM: +Suzanne Hicks+
Wednesday 8AM: Veterans of our Parish
Thursday 8AM: Joseph Ferrara
Thursday 12PM: +Pat Norris+
Friday 8AM: +Frank Carballo+
Saturday 8AM: Joseph Ferrara
Saturday 5PM: +Pat Norris+
Saturday 7PM: Intentions of the Celebrant
Sunday 8:30AM: +Susan Iorio+
Sunday 11AM: Widows of OLOF Veterans