The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Fr. Bill McKenzie, Pastor


5: 00pm

Sacrament of Penance
Fr. Bill McNeeley, Associate Pastor


8: 30am 11:00am

Sat.  4:00 pm
Deacon Ken Long


8: 00am   (Monday to Saturday)

        6:30-6:50 pm (Spanish)
Deacon Michael Nestor


Noon Mass (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Anytime by appointment
Deacon Bill Jacobs
Spanish Mass:   
Saturdays 7:00 pm
Fr. Joseph Hammond, CHS (reg Hisp)
Holy Days: 
(Vigil) 6: 00pm, 8: 00am  & 7: 00pm        
Sr. Mary Yvette, RSM Pastoral Assoc

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858 Louisville Road
Alcoa, TN 37701

Office 865-982-3672
Fax 865-977-4183

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