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    We, the members of the Christian family of this parish, see as our primary purpose to serve the spiritual needs of the people of Blount County, as well as our visitors, principally by making available the teachings and sacraments of the Catholic faith.  Secondly, to reach out through love, example, and action to make life worth living for all in our community, especially for the suffering and impoverished.

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Father Bill McKenzie, Pastor
Father Bill McNeeley, Associate Pastor
Deacon Ken Long, Deacon
Rob Lynch
Kathleen Halligan
Dana Hogan
Beth Parsons
Juan Hernandez


Rectory 982-3672 x 10
Administrator 982-3672 x 13
Religious Education 981-2676 x 11
Fatima Center Hall 681-4392 x 12
Youth Organization 981-9049 x 14
Music Department 982 -3672 x 15