Parish Pastoral Council


    The Parish Pastoral Council serves as a means of communication between the clergy and laity of the parish.  The council identifies the needs of the parish and acts upon them.  It encourages involvement of the parishioners in all phases of parish work.  The council functions according to the spirit of Vatican II and according to the guidelines of the Pastoral Directives of the Diocese of Knoxville.

    The council membership is composed of the Pastor, assistant Pastors, chairman, vice chairman, and fourteen members.  The paid staff of the parish are not eligible to be voting members of the Parish Council.  Any parish member 18 years of age or older is eligible to serve on the council as an elected member.  All council members must be registered at Our Lady of Fatima and practicing Catholics.  A council member is eligible to serve for two consecutive terms, for a total of six years.   They may run for election again after an absence of one year.

    The nominating committee is announced in September.  They approach other eligible parishioners and compile a list to be published for election the second Sunday of November.  Newly elected members assume office at the December council meeting.

    The council is made up of the following committees:

Administration and Stewardship:  Serves the material needs of the parish.  This committee concerns itself with the parish budget and fund raising in addition to overseeing the maintenance of the parish.  Fund raising and stewardship is also a very important part of this committee.

Education:  Coordinate and identify all religious education needs of the parish with the assistance of the Director of Religious Education.    This includes preschool, grades 1-8, high school youth ministry, and adult education.  For more complete information regarding the Education Program at OLOF, refer to the CCD Handbook furnished by the CCD office (call 981-2676).

Parish Council Office Bearers
(Updated 04/28/13)

Clint Woodfin--Chairman - 607-8995

Claudia Huddleston--Vice Chair - 681-6929

Velma Burke--Secretary - 406-9401

Barbara Foster--Worship & Spiritual Life

Megan McCormick--CYO

Claudia Huddleston & John Smith-- Education - - 681-6929

Clint Woodfin--Communication - 607-8995

Andrea Carter--Family Life

Donna Bailey--Parish Life

Carl Muse--Administration, - 980-9932
Cathy Remus--Social Action

Parish Council meetings are generally held every second Tuesday at 6:30 PM. All parishioners are eligible to attend.

The minutes are displayed in reverse order, latest first.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
September 10, 2013
Present:    Fr. Bill McKenzie, Clint Woodfin, John Smith, Velma Burke, Donna Bailey, Cathy Remus, Carl Muse,  Luis Ramos,  Barbara Foster and Sr. Yvette Gillen
Absent:  Claudia Huddleston, Zoe Ramos and Andrea Carter
Meeting was called to order at 6:36 PM with a prayer for the People of Syria
Old Business:
Diocesan Norms and OLOF bylaws were discussed.  Fr. McKenzie again reviewed the history of the parish bylaws and how the Diocesan Norms were formulated.  Clint noted that the current bylaws should be abolished in order to move to the new norms.  A motion was made and seconded to suspend the current bylaws.  Further discussion of particular bylaw items was held.  The size of the council and how members will be chosen were included in the topics.  Clint offered to give a brief announcement during all the Masses with regard to the process of bylaw changes in this parish.   
Committee Reports
CYO:   Luis read the report from Zoe on the CYO activity.   Movie night and coffee house were the final CYO events of the summer.  CYO officially started Sept 4th.  The 8th graders are now part of the CYO and are in Confirmation prep.  CYO assisted with the KOC golf outing fundraiser.  The Columbian Squires are boys ages 10-17 who will be approached at age 17 for adult KOC sign-up.   Father and son activities are planned to assist with this process.  Confirmation prep is now part of CYO.  Beth had a meeting with family to explain the process of sacrament prep. 
Family Life:   No report
Worship and Spiritual Life:    Barbara reported on the Adoration potluck held on the previous Sunday afternoon.  Approximately 60 individuals attended.  The guest speaker was Deacon Bill Jacobs from Sacred Heart.  Divine Mercy Cenacles have 2 active groups; one on Wednesday (twice a month) and Sundays (once a month).  A woman’s study groups entitled “Catholicism” will begin the Thursday after the Eucharistic Congress.  It is a video series featuring Fr. Barron, one of the speakers planned at the Congress.   Sr. Yvette and the CCW are planning a Women’s Day of Reflection for November 23 with a topic of “Gifts”.   Liturgy committee will assist with the White Mass on Thursday October 18th in the evening.   The White Mass is a Mass of healing with health care professionals invited to attend.   October 6th is the blessings of pets for St Francis’s feast recognition.  All Saints day is on November 1st.  There will be no special Mass of remembrance for All Souls on November 2nd due to the Saturday Vigil.   November 19th is the Advent Penance service.  Thanksgiving Mass is at 9 AM.   Spring Market and First Communion are scheduled on the same day.  May crowning is also on that day.    Eucharistic Congress this Saturday, there will be no Masses on Saturday evening.   Barbara Steverson is now working on the scheduling the Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers. 
Social Action:  Kathy reported that the Habitat of Humanity parish project has been well received.  All volunteer positions have been filled.   There is also a full complement of women to assist with the meal.  Good Neighbors program is asking for nominations of a Youth and Adult who typify a “Good Neighbor”.    They will be recognized by the organization.  
Parish Life:   Donna has the “Blessing of the Pets” being organized for Sunday, October 6th.  She is also organizing the Harvest of Blessings.  She distributed the Fundraising Application for all to review.  A deadline of 20 days in order to promote sales well ahead of the event was recommended.    Signage is in process.  Recommendations from some assistance on this project were provided.  CCW is reorganizing using a team approach.  A variety of events that are entertaining as well as informative opportunities are being planned.  Meetings are planned for Wednesday nights on the downstairs of the Fatima center.  
Administration:   A storage shed for the pavilion is being planned and will be used for table and chairs.  Carl reported on the progress on the storage building on the back of the property.  Father’s garage is nearing completion as well.    Father reported that the Fatima statues have been moved next to the Fatima center.  Several trees and shrubs were trimmed or removed to clear the area next to the chapel entrance. 
Education:   John distributed the report.  See below.
Communication:  Clint reported on the announcement to the parish about the bylaw changes.  Updates on the Website by Luis and Greg Ward are going well.  Eventually parish members will be able to do updates on the site.  There is a Facebook page for the parish as well.  There were more than 300 visitors to the Facebook page at the time of the council meeting.    Luis also reported that the parish scheduling system has been updated.  He distributed a new room request form.  See attached.    The door locking system is now computer controlled and this form is meant to assist with the scheduling of rooms and the unlocking of the building doors.   
New Business
Father reported that the new secretary has been chosen.  The finance board and Father agreed to reduce the number of staff for maintenance of facilities.   The cleaning company is in place to take care of the church and Fatima Center.  Father requested feedback if any council members note any cleaning issues. 
The meeting closed with a prayer at 8:25 PM.
Next Meeting:   October 8th at 6:30 PM in the Parish Library.

Director of Faith Formation
Parish Pastoral Council Monthly Report
August 2013

•    On Thursday, August 1, OLOF hosted the bimonthly meeting of the diocesan DREs. Twenty-two people attended;
•    2013-14 Faith Formation registration was held after all Sunday Masses the weekends of August 4 and 11.  This year, all Faith Formation classes will be held on Sundays:  As in years past, one class will meet from 9:45-10:45 AM with a second class offered from 12:15 – 1: 15 PM.  All classes, Pre-K through Grade 7, will be offered at both sessions.  Currently, in the morning session, 17of 18 catechist slots (teachers and aides) have been filled.  The PM session has a total of 3 volunteers, 2 teachers and one aide;
•    Effective this fall, eighth grade faith formation will come under the responsibility of our Director of Youth Ministry;
•    Attendance on Opening Day (Sunday, August 18) was 150, 121 in the AM session and 29 in the PM.  The following Sunday (August 25), total attendance was 211 with 181 in the AM session and 30 in the PM session;
•    As of 8/30, total Faith Formation fees collected is $4269;
•    This year, we are using the following materials:  Pre-K is continuing to use the Ignatius Press Who Am I? series )purchased at at a 35% discount price of $3.87 each; Kindergarten is using Promise from the Pflaum Gospel Weekly series (about $10 per child, no additional cost for teacher materials).  Grades 1-7 will use the Loyola Press Finding God curriculum, 2013 copyright.  Student text cost is $16.95 each for grades 1-6 and $18.95 each for grade 7.  In addition, I asked for and received, at no cost, two catechist editions per grade level (@$55.95 each—total savings of $783.30). The rep also generously provided, at no additional cost, an Exploring Faith Through Art supplemental for each grade level (@ $99.95 each, a total savings of $699.65);
•    In August, I dedicated a significant amount of time working with Dolores Maglione and Cheryl Land in their efforts to restore the parish CCW chapter.  This included attending meetings and providing administrative support for their first event, a Dessert and Discussion held on Wednesday, August 21.  Sr. Yvette spoke on the topic of Women’s Spirituality; 45 women attended the event.  At a meeting on Thursday, August 29, they were able to fill most, if not all, of the chapter officer roles;
•    In August, I also attended the Spiritual Life Committee meeting.  Angie Feltz and I are working together to offer, for women, Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism series. This 10-week event will begin on Thursday, Sept. 19.  Dr. Charles Durand had agreed, beginning mid-October, to facilitate the series during Sunday morning Faith Formation.

Respectfully submitted,

dana hogan

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
August 13, 2013
Present:    Fr. Bill McKenzie, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Zoe Ramos, Andrea Carter, Donna Bailey and Cathy Remus, Carl Muse, Claudia Huddleston, Luis Ramos, Dana Hogan, Rob Lynch and Sr. Yvette Gillen
Absent:  Barbara Foster
Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM with a prayer from Fr. McKenzie.
No minutes available from the July meeting.
Old Business:
Diocesan Norms and OLOF bylaws were discussed.  Fr. McKenzie discussed the history of the parish bylaws and how the Diocesan Norms were formulated.   The goal of the norms is to make the parish function more smoothly, by giving the Pastor insight into the parishioners’ needs.  Differences in the current Bylaws and the Diocesan norms include how members are selected.  It was noted that Clint, Velma and Barbara are due to be replaced this November.  Fr. McKenzie asked that the current Council membership be frozen until the Norms are completed.  In addition he requested that council members assist with communicating the changes to the parish by speaking after each Mass on an upcoming weekend.
Claudia led the discussion of the Harvest of Blessings event scheduled for November 16-17.   Donna will take the lead to organize the communication with ministries, signage and bulletin notices.  Rob was invited to participate to provide music and/or fundraise for any ministry needs.   Luis will contact the KOC for assistance with a lower cost of signage.  More than one email or snail mail is likely to be needed to get a complete list. 
Committee Reports
CYO:   Clint welcomed Zoe to her first Council meeting.  She reported that the CYO is preparing for the events to kick off the new school year.  Luis is assisting with CYO management while Beth is on leave.  Fr. reported that ground floor space is being provided to the group.
Family Life:   Andrea reported the Mom’s group is partnering with the education office and Fr. McNeeley for a PS-5 grade “Good Shepard” program.  Dana provided additional information of the logistics of the this program which is somewhat like a Montessori education model.
Worship and Spiritual Life:    Clint read reports from Barbara Foster and Angie Feltz.  The Spiritual life ministry met on August 6th.  The Adoration group is working on a potluck for Sept 8th form 12:30 to 3 PM.  Divine Mercy Cenacle had no report. There are new CDs from Light house in the display. The Bereavement group is meeting on Wednesday mornings with a few people attending along with the facilitators.  A Divine Mercy retreat is in the planning stage with no date set at this time.   Adult Education ideas include the 10-week series entitled “Catholicism for women will begin in September.  A greater effort is planned for the Lenten series “Living the Eucharist”.   The Spiritual Life committee will meet again September 3rd.      Rob Lynch reported on plans for youth choirs.  There will be choirs from three age groups: Pre-K-2nd, 3rd -6th and 7th-HS.   Adult choirs are back in action now. 
Social Action:  Cathy reported that Habitat of Humanity is having a “Faith Build” in September and October.  Sr. Yvette is gathering volunteers for the build and support meals.   Dottie Berry and her group are providing the food preparation for October 19th and November 9th.  On Saturday, October 19th there are 2 out of 5 parishioners have signed up.   The November date is in the planning stages.  The hope is that the entire parish family will contribute to the effort.   Anyone who is interested should contact Sr. Yvette.  The Haiti school has a new Priest administrator, Fr. Georleus Morancy.  He has requested a significant amount of money to assist with a new roof among other desires.  The committee desires to send $4000.00 for the roof repair.  Some of the money will be held to get them through the hurricane season.  $11, 500 will be sent to fund teacher salaries for the first three month of the new school year.  They expressed gratitude for the $10,500 given from the bequest of the gentleman who was a previous parishioner that recently passed away.  The Knights of Columbus gave a donation from their scrap metal recycling project.   And they are trying to recoup the $1000.00 spent on an unused plane ticket intended for Fr. Philo.    Fr. McKenzie reported that the parish gave additional monies from the bequest to Good Neighbors, Community Food Connection and Family Promise.   St. Joseph’s Workers leader, Joe Schmidt that there are more needs than we can provide.
Parish Life:   Donna reported that the Coffee and Donuts will start the first week of September in the social hall.  The Blessing of animals and the Life Chain are planned on Oct 6th.  The Life chain will occur from 2-3PM and the Blessing will occur at 4-6 PM. 
Administration:   Carl reported that the Fatima Center hall walls are being painted.  The large storage building has a new roof, garage doors and paint in process.  The buildings will all be painted to match the church.  The new garage for the rectory is nearly completed.  The covered walkway is especially helpful.  The rectory kitchen was updated as well.  The cleaning of the church is now being handled by a paid service. 
Education:   John Smith distributed the attached report.  Dana Hogan added that the schedule for all classes will move to Sunday this year.  The 8th grade will be moved into the CYO to provide for Confirmation prep as a 2-year process.  Fees will again be “free will” donation because it provided much better collections.  There is an ongoing need for Cathechists.  The “Catholicism” series for adults will begin Thursday, September 19.   CCW is being revamped to focus on fellowship and adult education.  Sr. Yvette will be the first speaker at the first meeting.   “Living the Eucharist” series will be offered again this Lent.  It is a multiple-year mandate from the Bishop.  See the report for additional information.          
Communication:  Bulletin notices and announcements after Mass is still the main route of communication.  Luis is working with Greg Ward to get the website updated and interesting.  Claudia brought up the Harvest of Blessings specifics (See Old Business)
New Business:  Spring Market date has been from May 1st due to First Communion and May Crowning.  April 26-27th is the tentative date.   Luis reported that he is working on our website and Facebook connections.   The connection will give real numbers on the number of “hits”.  “It has social, as well as informative, focus and is an evangelizing tool” according to Luis.  Father reported that there is a “construction video” on the website completed by Roy Ehman.  It includes the dedication of the addition by the bishop.
The meeting closed with a prayer at 8:38 PM.
Next Meeting:   September 10th at 6:30 PM in the Parish Library.
Director of Faith Formation      Parish Pastoral Council Monthly Report
May – July 2013
•    On Saturday, May 4, thirteen Faith Formation students received First Communion at the 7 PM Mass and one student received the following Saturday, May 11.  These children are part of the 60+ Faith Formation students who were in need of sacraments during the 2012-13 SY;
•    Twenty-nine Faith Formation students (25 eighth graders and 4 CYO students) received the sacrament of Confirmation on Wednesday, May 22.  Bishop Stika presided. With the 2013-14 SY, the parish has moved to a 9th Grade Confirmation schedule, with the next Confirmation due in Spring 2015;
•    Three of our Faith Formation students, Katlyn Scalf, and Tommy and Elizabeth Shoecraft, dressed as the Fatima children for the June FLC dedication;
•    Throughout June and July, I met with parish ministries and ministry leaders to share our adult ed programs (Catholicism, Quick Journey Through the Bible, The Bible Timeline) and encourage participation;
•    I also attended the Blount County Ecumenical Action Council luncheons in June and July, giving me a better understanding of the variety of ministries in the area;
•    Family VBS, “The World of Jesus,” was held from Sunday, July 14 through Friday, July 19.  Families numbering 100 people (Anglo and Latino) signed up for the program.  Over the 6 days of the program, attendance ranged from 20-40.  Each evening of the program, a parish ministry shared their work and prepared, served, and cleaned up after dinner. Dottie Berry and Marie Muse graciously agreed to grocery shop for the event.  Participating ministries included the Latino Community, K of C, Hospitality Committee, and choir.  The Haiti Committee lacked the manpower for the dinner duties and Jeanine Dixon oversaw the Haitian beans and rice served that evening.  The week would not have been possible without the dedication of Luis Ramos and Ryan Goral;
•    Over the past months, Dolores Maglione, Cheryl Land, and I have met to begin to reactivate the parish CCW chapter. In June and July, we hosted meetings with 8-10 former CCW members to begin planning events for parish women.  Sr. Yvette joined us at our July meeting.  Our first event is a dessert and discussion scheduled for Wednesday, August 21 at 7 PM.  The evening’s topic will be “Spirituality for Women,” at which  Sr. Yvette make a brief presentation; 
•    Most of the summer was spent returning to and organizing the Faith Formation area.  Although the bulk of the work is completed, this continues to be an ongoing project;
•    For the 2013-14 SY, all Faith Formation will take place on Sundays.  Grades Pre-K through seven will be offered at each session (one from 9:45-10:45 AM and another from 12:15 – 1:15 PM).  A 2012-13 program summary supporting the change is included.

Respectfully submitted,  dana hogan
2012-13 CCD Recap         August 4, 2013

During the 2011-12 SY, all Fifth and Sixth Grade classes met on Wednesday.  The enrollment was 26 and 34, respectively.   Jason Crye was one of our Fifth Grade catechists.
During planning for the 2012-13 SY, Jason was unavailable for Wednesday night CCD and offered to teach a combined 5/6 Sunday class. (We were also able to offer a combined 4/5 class, making good use of our limited space.)
At the beginning of the 2012-13 SY, 12 of 19 Fifth Graders and 13 of 21 Sixth Graders registered for the Sunday session, leaving the Wed Fifth Grade with 7 students and Sixth Grade with 8. 
These numbers, if not exact, are a good approximation.  Despite the fact that registration was fluid throughout the year, this is a good snapshot of the program.

2012-13 BOY Sunday Enrollment, by Grade:            2012-13 EOY Sunday Enrollment, by Grade:
Pre-K—7                            Pre-K--10
 K      --15                                       K--29
Gr 1—18                             Gr 1--23
Gr 2—16                             Gr 2-- 30
Gr 3—28                             Gr 3--32
Gr 4—23                             Gr 4--39
Gr 5—12                             Gr 5--19
Gr 6—13                             Gr 6--11

Total BOY Sunday Enrollment:  132                Total EOY Sunday Enrollment:  193
2012-13 BOY Wednesday Enrollment, by Grade:            2012-13 EOY Wednesday Enrollment, by Grade
Gr 5—7                                Gr 5--4
Gr 6—8                                Gr 6--18
Gr 7—25                            Gr 7--35
Gr 8—20                            Gr 8—27
Total BOY Wednesday Enrollment:  60                Total EOY Wednesday Enrollment:  84
2012-13 BOY Totals:  192                    2012-13 EOY Totals:  277

In addition, for the 2011-12 SY, CCD collected total fees of $3,770.
                     For the 2012-13 SY, fees collected were $8,540.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
May 14, 2013
Present:    Fr. Bill McNeeley, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Andrea Carter, Donna Bailey and Cathy Remus, Megan McCormick, Carl Muse and Claudia Huddleston.
Absent:   John Smith.  Fr. McKensie was absent with cause
Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM with a prayer from Fr. McNeeley.  Minutes of the April meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept the minutes was made by Donna and seconded by Cathy.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:
Diocesan Norms review was tabled for next month.  Those who had not received a copy were provided one.
Clint led the discussion of the Spring Market event.  The number of vendor participants was good but the parishioner number was low.  Poor weather, construction hazards and a big gap in advertising all contributed to loss of business.  We will plan earlier for the fall event to assure success. 
Fr. McNeeley reported that the remodeling is “moving along”.  The dedication will go on as planned on June 18.  The event will include a catered dinner. 
Committee Reports
CYO:   Megan reported that this will be her last meeting.   Her replacement will be Zoe Ramos.   Graduation Mass is May 19th at the 8:30AM.  All area Catholic Seniors are invited whether they are CYO members or not.   Plans for summer activities are underway and will include a trip to the beach in mid-June.  The CYO Spaghetti supper and auction was a great success. 
Family Life:   Andrea reported that the Mom’s Group participated in the Spring Market.
Worship and Spiritual Life:    Barbara reported Steve and Sharon Kintzele are longer going to organize the Lectors and EMOCs.  Fr. McKensie is beginning the reorganization of these two ministries.  A meeting is planned for late June.   A training session for new Lectors and EMOCs is planned for August by Fr. McNeeley.   Don Hall is coordinating the ushers at this time. The replacement of our music minister is finalized. Confirmation will be Wednesday, May 22nd.  Compassionate care was also represented at the Spring Market.
Social Action:  Cathy had report that Priest from Haiti will be arriving sometime around July 15th.  Peggy Campbell requested more assistance for the Good Neighbors Program.  There is monetary and secretarial assistance in greatest need at this time.  Lisa Black the director would appreciate any offers of assistance.  The Good Neighbor’s fundraiser “Lean on Me” concert was a great success.  OLOF did not participate.  Fr. McNeeley reported on the new “St. Luke’s Guild”.  It involves a mobile health clinic sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, from St. Mary’s Foundation.  The plan is for the van to move around the diocese for short stays.  OLOF is being targeted for a potential site. 
Parish Life:   Donna reported that the Duchene’s continue to sponsor the coffee and donuts from their own resources.
Administration:   Church cleaning by the council was May 11th.  There was some confusion about the date among the council members.   The reconstruction is moving along.  All staff have moved into their new spaces.  The elevator is ready for inspection.  Hospitality group did very well at the Spring Market.
Education:   Barbara reported what was discussed at a meeting just prior to this meeting.  There was a shortage of classroom aides this year.   Emphasis on the volunteers for classroom needs greater effort.  Sixty CCD students were missing a Sacrament and 90% were Latino.  Cleanliness of the Fatima Center was discussed.  The current janitorial service is being looked at.  The construction and the construction workers has contributed the problem.  Adult education is still a goal.  Living the Eucharist series had only 4 percent of the parish participated.  Totus Tuus is not going to be used this summer.  The participation was too low for the cost of the program.   The attached report from Dana was not read at council.         
Communication:  Clint reported that the committee does not get direct requests for information to be disseminated.   Fr. reported that an upgrade in computer system may be helpful with getting information out.  Altar server schedule will be published using the first name and last initial only on the website.
New Business:  Fr. McNeeley distributed a memo regarding the “Facility use requests” which included information of the building’s locking systems. The memo will be published in the bulletin and on the website.
The meeting closed with a prayer at 7:55 PM.
Next Meeting:   June 11th at 6:30 PM in the Parish Library.
Director of Faith Formation       Parish Pastoral Council Monthly Report
April  2013
•    Our CCD families supplied basket item donations for the April 19 CYO Auction and Spaghetti Dinner.  Each class was assigned a basket theme.  The Sunday class with the most donations per student won doughnut treats while the Wednesday night winners received a pizza party. In addition, CYO set-up a table and sold tickets during Sunday CCD on April 7 and 14;
•    Two Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus, dressed in regalia, visited Sunday CCD classes to share with the children the life of Father Michael McGivney, the founder of the order whose cause for sainthood has been presented.  For the event, I created an illustrated oversize children’s book telling the story of Fr. McGivney’s life; 
•    With the April release of the Jackie Robinson biopic, 42, parishioner Bryan Steverson was invited to visit the eighth-grade confirmandi.  Steverson, author of a book about the players of the Negro Leagues, shared with the students the inspiring stories of these men’s lives and the virtues they exhibited while meeting their life challenges;
•    Sunday CCD ended their school year on April 21.  With the exception of the eighth grade, Wednesday night CCD ended on April 24. Eighth grade will finish on May 8, two weeks prior to Confirmation;
•    I attended the Liturgy Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 23;
•    41 students received First Communion at the 11 AM Mass on Sunday, April 28.  Twenty-eight are second graders, with the remaining 13 students in grades 3 through 8.  Over half of the First Communicants are Latino. Six Fourth-Degree Knights of Columbus served as honor guards for the event.

Respectfully submitted,   Dana Hogan, Director of Faith Formation

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
April 9, 2013
Present:    Fr. Bill McKenzie, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Andrea Carter, Donna Bailey
Absent:   Carl Muse, John Smith, Cathy Remus, Claudia Huddleston and Megan McCormick.  Fr. McNeeley was absent with cause
Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM with a prayer from Fr. McKenzie.   Minutes of the March meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept the minutes was made by Barbara and seconded by Donna.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:
Clint led the discussion of the Spring Market fund-raising event on May 4th and 5th.          The number of participants is low at this time.
Fr. McKenzie reported that the remodeling is “moving along”, but the dedication with the Bishop had to be delayed until June 18th.  The event will include a catered dinner.  The rectory kitchen is being updated.  There was a water leak at the rectory basement this week.  Serve-Pro has been in the house to assist with cleanup.
Committee Reports
CYO:  Clint read the following report:  Spaghetti Dinner and auction is Friday, April 19th in the Social Hall.  CYO cleaned the church and assisted with the changing out of missals before Palm Sunday.  Four CYO leaders will be assisting with the Confirmation retreat set for the first weekend of May.  CYO will also be assisting with May Crowning on the first Sunday of May.  Young Adults group, ages 18-30 is meeting each Sunday at 7PM in the church nursery.    A Diocese Bible Study Young Adult meets 4 to 5:30Pm on Sundays and is sponsored by OLOF.   This was submitted by Beth Parsons and Megan.
Family Life:   Andrea reported on the Easter Egg Hunt.  Pictures are available on the parish website.
Worship and Spiritual Life:    Barbara reported that First Communion will be on Sunday, April 28th, Feast of the Ascension on weekend of May 11 and 12th.  The feast of Our Lady of Fatima is on May 13th with a novena to start on May 4th.  May procession and crowning is on May 5th immediately following 8:30 Mass.    Pentecost will be May 19th and a Holy Spirit novena starts May 10th.  Confirmation on Wednesday, May 22nd.   Helga Deveau is stepping down from the head Sacristan position.  Pat Mancuso is taking over this role.   Dottie had 10 or more individuals to assist with the church decorating.   There is still no one heading up usher management for Bob Myers. 
Social Action:  Barbara reported that the “Lean on Me” concert is Sunday, May 5th.  This is a major fund-raising event for the Good Neighbors program. 
Parish Life:   Donna reported that the Lenten meals were well organized and somewhat well attended.   The flow of cash was discussed.  Fr. reminded everyone that the purchases must be done with the debit/credit cards held by the office.  Money donated must to given to the pastor or office immediately after the event to have accurate accounting.
Education:  Clint read the following report from Dana:         
•    The Living the Eucharist small group study completed its first (of 3) six-week Lenten study programs.  I created and distributed an evaluation form to all the English-speaking group members (100 people), then summarized the 25 returned evaluations.  The summary is included at the bottom of this report.  As you can see, the program was very enthusiastically received by the parish.  The parish spent about $2000 on the program. $800 was collected for the English LTE materials.  Excess materials (both English and Spanish) were returned to the publisher for credit.  After a 15% restocking fee, we should receive a refund of about $300;
•    The second graders received their First Penance on Tuesday, March 5.  About 25 children and their families were in attendance;
•    On Wednesdays, March 7 and 13, John and Ferrel Smith, Martha Greene, Amy Davis, Angie Feltz, and Esther Golightly visited the eighth grade CCD class to share information on the parish pro-life efforts.  They also heroically attempted (on both nights) to show each of the children how to create a small single crochet square.  The squares will be assembled into a prayer shawl for an upcoming Rachel’s Vineyard retreat;
•    The “Missing Sacrament” class began Sunday, March 10.  Over 50 children were eligible for the program.  A total of 31 students (overwhelmingly Latino) are completing the class in preparation to make their First Penance/First Communion;
•    I facilitated a Virtus training session on Tuesday, March 12.  Approximately 20 people attended the session.  This was by far the largest session I’ve ever facilitated;
•    There was an eighth-grade parent meeting during CCD on Wednesday, March 13.  About half the parents attended.  Discussion topics included an update on the eighth-grade Confirmation Faith-Building assignments, information on the upcoming May Eagle Rock confirmation retreat weekend, and a review of the 8th grade calendar;
•    Also on Wednesday, March 13, the seventh grade class made and sold pretzels as a Lenten fundraiser.  They voted to donate their $237 proceeds to the parish building fund;
•    St. Patrick (Chris Fernandez) visited Sunday morning CCD classes on his feast day, Sunday, March 17.  He talked with the children about his life and left each child with a take-home shamrock activity to help them better understand the Trinity.  The “Saints in the Basement” sewing group, led by Martha Greene and Roseanne Nichols have dedicated themselves to creating more than 2 dozen saint costumes for use in the parish.  They are to be commended for their generous efforts;
•    During Lent, CCD participated in a CYO-sponsored canned food drive.  Over 450 cans were donated.
Respectfully submitted,    dana Hogan, Director of Faith Formation 
Lent 2013 Living the Eucharist Small Group Study Evaluation Summary
A total of about 200 adult parishioners participated in the LTE study, evenly divided between the English and Latino communities.  The evaluation was made available to all the English-speaking groups; 25 surveys were completed and returned.
Part I
Using a scale of 1-5 with 1 being “not at all” and 5 being “significantly,” please tell how the LTE program has impacted you in the following ways:
Better Appreciation of Sunday Readings: Average Score 4.28
Deeper Understanding of the Mass:  Average Score 4.33
Improved Prayer Life:  Average Score 4.17
Likelihood to Read Scripture More Frequently:  Average Score 4.17

Part II
What did you expect from the LTE program?  How did your expectations compare with what you experienced?
•    Certainly gave a deeper appreciation of some items and especially taking consideration to words alone;
•    Deepening my understanding;
•    I was afraid that it would be very dry and boring.  Instead, it was meaningful and interesting;
•    I expected a better understanding of the study’s theme.  I thought the study missed the mark.  It provided a lot of reflection, but no application suggestions;
•    Deeper appreciation and knowledge of the Eucharist.  I certainly came away with a deeper appreciation of the Eucharist;
•    The program was run better than my expectations; moving and motivating;
•    I learned more from others in the class than I expected.  Their faith enriched mine;
•    The depth of my religion was an expectation and it happened;
•    Sharing with others our faith and understanding.  I believe we get what we put in.  My participation helps me to grow;
•    Not sure what I was expecting to find.  It was more than I expected.  Very enlightened and filled with the Holy Spirit;
•    I expected more enlightenment and fellowship;
•    Wasn’t sure what to expect—really enjoyed it;
•    I came in with an open mind and so learned something;
•    No expectations.  Good experiences. Brought out things to me in another way;
•    My experience was awesome!  I have and continue to feel the awesome presence of Christ in my heart and soul;
•    I thought it was a little hard to get into but as we went through the material it gave me a new aspect;
•    To have a better understanding of how the Eucharist affects our daily life—how important it is;
•    Deeper understanding of the Eucharist—helped significantly;
•    To grow deeper in appreciation and love of Jesus’ true presence in the Eucharist. Group sharings; personal and reflective prompted through the readings;
•    Better understanding and appreciation for the Eucharist.  I was very pleased, our small
group was a comfortable setting to learn more/experience more about the Eucharist;
•    1.)  to get a better understanding of receiving the Eucharist; 2.)  Exceeded my expectations, awesome group participation.  Enjoyed hearing others’ knowledge and understanding of scripture; it made me look at my own thoughts and feelings.
Would you recommend it to others?
•    Yes, very good foundation for understanding;
•    If it would be presented as these sessions have been;
•    Yes, very enlightening;
•    Yes.  I think we should meditate on the scriptures more;
•    Yes, it is helpful to the understanding of the scriptures;
•    Yes, open heart and open mind;
•    Yes, I would recommend.  It was great;
•    Yes.  Helped one to understand that each person sees the truth and other impressions of readings;
•    Yes, different depth for each participant;
•    Yes; it was a wonderful opportunity to meet others and share;
•    Yes, great experience.  Relearning and learning new things about the faith;
•    Yes. It gives understanding and direction to worship;
•    Yes, well-written;
•    Yes.  Easy to read;
•    Definitely; to enrich others’ lives that they may experience His love and guidance;
•    Yes, if they are willing to put an effort doing the homework;
•    Yes, much of the material can be related to our everyday life;
•    Yes—helped understand God’s love for us all;
•    Yes.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning and I believe others might feel the same need;
•    Yes, it was a pleasant experience that I looked forward to participating in week to week;
•    Yes, very much so.  It is great to feel a yearning or thirst for the word of God;
•    Yes (3 responses)
How can the parish better communicate upcoming adult education offerings?
•    End of Mass announcements;
•    Give some explanation to what the study is, like a preview to a book;
•    Usual ways:  Announce after Mass, bulletin, mailings.  Have different organizations such as K of C, choir, ushers, hospitality communicate within or reach out to other parishioners;
•    I believe the present ways--bulletins, from the pulpit especially helps a lot;
•    Through the bulletin announcements;
•    They might put out a flyer explaining what the material or the program would be like;
•    To enrich our lives to better understand holiness;
•    Each parish member needs to reach out to another;
•    Just keep it in the bulletin and Mass announcements;
•    Post in bulletin, include in announcements at the end of Mass;
•    Invite them to join us;
•    1.)  in bulletin; 2.) sign in narthex; 3.) pulpit encouragement; 4.)  several weeks in a row info so people can discuss it with others;
•    More pushing from the altar, more coverage in the bulletin, letting people know what it is all about;
•    Talk it up from the altar, make phone calls via a phone call tree—personal invite (one person call 5 others, those 5 each call 5 more, etc.);
•    I think our parish does a very good job of communicating already;
•    Signs in the narthex, pulpit announcements;
•    Every day more progress with the computer;
•    E-mails
What other topics would you be interested in studying?
•    Lives of the saints;
•    Mary;
•    New Testament books;
•    Individual books of the Bible (Revelation), more of Fr. Barron’s programs;
•    Compass (financial stewardship program);
•    Some church history, especially those times that tried the church’s mettle;
•    Relearning about faith;
•    Bible study;
•    Any pertaining to God and the Bible;
•    I always like the Bible studies;
•    I think “Catholicism” is being proposed;
•    Catholic faith;
•    Other sacraments, specific books of the Bible;
•    Apologetics

Other Comments
•    Thank you for the facility use;
•    Our leader was great;
•    There was a time for each person to learn from others;
•    Our moderator did a great job;
•    Excellent facilitator;
•    I always enjoy the group sharing and learn much—our facilitator, Roseanne Nichols, is great;
•    Thank you very much for offering LTE;
•    Randall and Deb Maupin were excellent facilitators.  The environment they created was very welcoming and warm.  The other members of the group were a joy to learn from.
Communication:  Clint reported that Greg Ward, our webmaster has agreed to add the server’s names on the website.  Fr. reminded everyone that children’s names cannot be published in full.   Protecting the youth is a continual effort. 
Administration:    The “Spring Market” event is set up.         
New Business:
Fr. McKenzie distributed the new Diocesean “Parish Pastoral Council Norms”.  The document, signed by Bishop Stika in March is a template for council bylaws.  Discussion followed on the process to update our bylaws.  Fr. requested all council members to read and prepare for bylaws updating.  Clint will distribute to the absent members.    
REMINDER:  Parish Council to do church cleanup on May 11.
The meeting closed with a prayer at 7:25PM.
Next Meeting:   May 14th at 6:30 PM in the Parish Library.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
March 12, 2013
Present:    Fr. Bill McNeeley, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Cathy Remus, Andrea Carter and Carl Muse, John Smith
Absent:  Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston and Megan McCormick.  Fr. McKensie was absent with cause
Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM with a prayer from Fr. McNeeley.   Minutes from the February meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept the minutes with a minor correction was made by Kathy and was seconded by John.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:
Clint led the discussion of the spring fund-raising event.  May 4th and 5th has been set.   Letters to ministries have been sent and the process has been streamlined. 
Committee Reports
CYO:  Fr. McNeeley reported that Maryville College Catholic students are in need.  There are 30 or so students enrolled there are seeking a stronger connection with our parish.  Fr. McNeeley is saying Mass on campus on the first Monday of the month. They expressed a need to understand Catholic Apologetics. 
Family Life:   Andrea reported that Saturday, April 6th will be the Easter Egg Hunt at 10 AM.  The budgeted money was available.   Committee chairs were updated as follows: Dottie Berry is Hospitality, Melissa Krintz is the Mom’s Group and Jayne Gallegos is the Comfort Food chair.  The Welcome committee is vacant.
Worship and Spiritual Life:    Barbara reported that the Spiritual Life committee continues to work on the Bereavement group, now called “Compassionate Care” ministry.  Angie Feltz continues to lead these efforts.   No Sedar meal is planned this Lent.  All Holy Week services are scheduled for 7 PM with the exception of Holy Saturday which will begin at 8PM.  The Easter Masses are 8:30 and 11:00 in English and 1 PM for the Spanish parishioners.  John and Andrea will represent the council at the Holy Thursday Mass foot washing.  Divine Mercy Novena begins on Good Friday and completes on Divine Mercy Sunday, the first Sunday of April.  Our Lady of Fatima feast day is May 13.  There will be a Novena leading up to that day.  May Procession and crowning is May 6th.  Confirmation is scheduled for May 22.   Bob Myers is trying to find someone to head up the ushers.  The search for a replacement for Will is in process. 
Communication:  Clint reported that the Website continues to be updated.  Fr. McNeeley requested that the Altar servers schedule be added to the site. 
Administration:    Carl reported that remodeling is going well.   The white house was demolished.  The new floors in the church will likely be extended to the Fatima center. 
Social Action:  Cathy reported that all the ministries have been contacted for the Spring Market.
Parish Life:   No report.
Education:  John distributed the following report from Dana:         
February 2013
•    During February, I coordinated the parish preparation for the annual Bishop’s Appeal campaign.  This included creating bulletin announcements and presenting (or arranging speakers for) the pledge weekends’ pulpit announcements;
•    Last year, the diocese mandated that all parishes implement, over the next 3 Lenten seasons, a small group study program,  Living the Eucharist.  LTE includes both English and Spanish versions, and Juan and I worked together to bring the program to both our Anglo and Latino populations.  I coordinated all aspects of the Anglo implementation. In total, about 200 people (divided evenly between the Anglos and Latinos) signed up for this year’s 6-week segment.  Eight Anglo groups were formed:  4 of these (about 40 people) were re-forming Why Catholic? groups. Two other groups (about 40 people) formed from the already existing Tuesday afternoon prayer group and the weekly Thursday morning Bible and Breakfast group.  Two new groups, totaling about 35 people, formed for the study.  In a parish of 5,000 people and over a thousand families, a 4% response rate is, in my opinion, beyond anemic; 
•    Friday Lenten Dinners:  Donna Bailey and I are coordinating this traditional weekly event that meets prior to the 7 PM Friday Stations of the Cross.  This year, we decided to expand the opportunity by pairing small parish ministries for a weekly meal.  By doing this, we hoped to present opportunities for groups that do not typically work together to become acquainted.  This year’s schedule:  Feb 15, Parish Council and EMEs; Feb 22, Haiti Committee and Cursillo; Mar 1, Moms’ Group and Respect for Life; Mar 8, CYO and Eight Grade Faith Formation Class (CCD); Mar 15, Hospitality and Music Ministry; Mar 22, K of C and ushers;
•    Faith Formation program registrations are ongoing; the program now has about 300 students.  Luis’s bilingual capabilities are invaluable to the program;
•    The program has adapted well to the Fatima Center construction project.  Despite the re-working of a wall in Room 202 and the storage of all their materials, pre-school continues to meet in the room.  Both classes using Room 206 are in new meeting spaces:  The Sunday morning Grades 5/6 class is now meeting in the Social Hall and the Wednesday night 8th grade is now meeting in Room 202;
•    The wonderful Saints in the Basement sewing group continues to create saint costumes for the Faith Formation program, allowing “saints” to visit to visit classrooms and share their story.  During February, St. John Bosco juggled for our Sunday morning families;
•    Wednesday night Faith Formation classes attended, as a community, the 7 PM Ash Wednesday Mass;
•    Juan and I co-hosted a meeting on Sunday, February 10, for families whose children are in need of sacraments (Baptism to Confirmation).  The group is about 90% Latino, and many of the parents are Spanish-only speakers. About half of the families of the 50+ children in this group attended the meeting.  Sacramental prep classes will begin in March;
•    On Wednesday, Feb 27, Juan visited the 8th grade Faith Formation to share his jail ministry.  For several years, Juan has made weekly pastoral visits to the Blount County Jail for Bible study and prayer.  The number of inmates who attend these meetings far exceeds the number of Catholic inmates.  In contrast to the “hellfire and brimstone” sermons they endure from other visiting ministers, Juan gives them hope and assures them (through words and actions) of God’s loves.  He shared with the 8th grade the gifts he’s received from the inmates; these men have shown their appreciation by presenting Juan with items that they’ve made with their own hands, using the severely limited materials to which they have access. It’s an honor to work with Juan; in my opinion, he’s a living saint.               Respectfully submitted,                   dana hogan
Fr. McNeeley reported that a Sunday morning Adult Ed group is desired by the pastor.  There is a need for a leader to take on this effort.  The exact nature of the offering is undecided. 
Next Meeting:   April 9th at 6:30 PM

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
February 12, 2013
Present:    Fr. Bill McKenzie, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston, Megan McCormick, Cathy Remus, Andrea Carter and Carl Muse
Absent:  Fr. McNeeley, was absent with cause.
Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM with a prayer from Fr. McKenzie.   Minutes from the January meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept the minutes as presented was made by Barb and was seconded by Carl.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:  Clint welcomed John Smith to the council.
Clint led the discussion of the spring fund-raising event.  Clint agreed to lead the event.   All members in attendance agreed on “Spring Market”.   The date of the event is pending.  May 4th and 5th was suggested.  The building dedication is planned for the next weekend.  Clint will check with the parish secretary for confirmation of the dates.  Clint will email council applications and letters before forwarding to all the heads of ministries.
Committee Reports:
CYO:  Megan reported that the Search weekend is this weekend at Knox Catholic, 2 member of CYO are planning to attend.  CYO continues to assist with the 3rd Sunday 11 AM Mass.   The Tennessee Right to Life representative will give a talk on Stem Cell research at an upcoming gathering.   CYO and Confirmation class will prepare the Friday Lenten meal on March 8.    CYO is participating in the Food Drive to support Community Food Connection.  Knights of Columbus and CYO Spaghetti supper and auction will be held on April 6th. 
Family Life:   Melissa Krintz contacted Andrea regarding Saturday, April 6th for the Easter Egg Hunt at 10 AM.  What is in the budget for this event was questioned.  Fr. referred Andrea to Kathy (our bookkeeper) in the office. 
Worship and Spiritual Life:    Barbara reported that the Spiritual Life committee continues to work on the Bereavement group.    Liturgy Committee met to discuss the Christmas celebrations, which was all positive. Ash Wednesday services will be at 8 AM, 12 Noon and 7 PM.  Easter Vigil services will begin at 8PM.  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Lectors will have a meeting to standardize procedures.  Will Thomas announced that he will be leaving in June to attend a Doctoral program in Arizona.  A Music Minister search is underway.  Fr. McNeeley completed the server’s manual.  Copies were provided for council to see.    Parish Lenten penance service is planned for the 9th of March.
Social Action:  St. Josephs Workers has a good number of helpers but not getting a lot of calls for help.  Haiti committee reported that the Green envelops are not being used.  Our parish sends $11, 500 three times a year and $7,700 for the summer term for teacher salaries.  There is an effort to get Marti to Haiti and the Priest from Haiti to visit here.  Father recommended that a member of the Haiti committee could give a talk from the pulpit about the Green envelopes.   The sea container is being readied.  Clothing is not wanted; school supplies are much needed.   Community Food Connection is in dire need of food donations. 
Parish Life:   Donna reported on the Lenten meal plans.   
Communication:   Clint reported that the website is being updated.  He requested input into website concerns.
Administration:  The pavilion ceiling is 40% complete with some lights installed by the Knights of Columbus.   Parish council church cleaning is March 9 at 9 AM.  Carl also reported that remodeling is going well. 
Education:  Claudia read the following report from Dana:                 
January 2013
•    The Living the Eucharist small group study begins during the first week of Lent.  The parish has purchased enough materials for a total of 200 adults—100 each in English and Spanish.  Small groups are forming.  Group leaders are needed;    
•    Classes resumed on Sunday, January 6.  In observance of the Martin Luther King holiday, we did not meet on Sunday, January 20;
•    Due to the Fatima Center construction and renovation, the Faith Formation is in a state of flux.  During the last week of January, the workroom was almost completely emptied of materials; these were divided into long- and short-term items and stored accordingly;
•    Approximately 55 students in the program have been identified as missing sacraments.  About 90%of them are Latino.  The office is meeting with families and arranging special preparation classes for these students.
Respectfully submitted,
Dana Hogan, Director of Faith Formation 
Claudia distributed additional information on the 8th graders confirmation prep procedures.
Pastor’s comments completed the meeting.
Next Meeting:   March 12th at 6:30 PM

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
October 4, 2012
Present:    Fr. McKenzie, Carl Muse, Mary Burkhart, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston,  Martha Green, Megan McCormick
Absent:  Fr. Bill McNeeley absent with cause
Guests:  Mary Brent, Dana Hogan, Esther Golightly and Tom Witt

Meeting was called to order at 6:33 PM with a prayer from Fr. McKenzie.   Minutes from the September meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept as amended by Carl was seconded by Donna.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Guest Reports:   Tom Witt presented organizational charts of the Parish Ministries and Parish Pastoral Council (See attached).   Discussion followed on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the charts.  In addition, a directory of key personnel was provided.  Council was asked to check and return to Mary Brent for correction.  Council will study the charts information and discuss at the December meeting.   Esther Golightly and Mary Brent presented an Advent day of reflection planned for Saturday, December 1.  The Hispanic community will host the event and Juan Hernandez will be the primary presenter.  

Old Business:  Ministries day had sixteen groups present for the event.  Some of the ministries had a few sign-ups.  Harvest of Blessings information has been shared with all interested parties.  Seventeen requests for that event have contacted Mary Brent.   Fr. McKenzie has had feedback from some of the groups.  The event is planned for November 17 and 18.  The Advent event is a pilot study.  There is a possibility of a second event in spring.  Fr. McKenzie and the finance committee are still working out the details for other selling opportunities.   Parish Pastoral Council election is planned for the 2nd weekend of November; preparations are ongoing.  A ballot and bios will be prepared by the nominating committee.   Second collection signs are working well.  A more permanent set of signs were proposed by Claudia.   The next date for parish pastoral council to clean the church is Saturday, October 6.
Committee Reports:
CYO:  Megan reported on the Ministries days.  There will be some participants at the RTL Dinner on Oct 11.    Praying at Planned Parenthood also continues.   Dinner and Sharing events have begun with topics important to faith development of the youth.   The Duchenes and Dirmeyers have hosted.  Diocesan Youth Conference November 3-4 is planned with a featured speaker from Totus Tuus.  The Youth will be participating monthly at 11AM Mass as lectors, ushers, musicians and gift bearers.  
Family Life: Mary reported on the change from Trunk and treat to All Hallows Eve on Oct 28th from 2-4 PM.  Saint related games, trick or treating door-to-door within the building.  Volunteers are needed from the parish for entertainers.  Fr. McKenzie pointed out that the focus needs to be shifted to preparation for All Saints Day.
Worship and Spiritual Life:  Barbara reported All Saints day Masses are scheduled for the 6PM and 8 PM Vigil, 8AM and 7 PM on November 1st.  All Souls Day Masses are 8AM, 12 Noon and 7 PM.  The 7 PM Mass will offer parishioners who have lost someone in the last year a candle to bring to the altar.  A Visiting Cemetery Novena starting with November 1st will be handed out.   Will has enlarged the youth choir and will be used on the 3rd Sunday of the Month at the 11 AM Mass.   Will also discussed more changes with the Mass settings.  The plan is for a total of four choices to be used throughout the liturgical year.  Spiritual Life committee continues to meet with limited response.  Light house media is having a great response, paying for itself.  Prodigal Son retreat via Deacon Long is being planned.  A monthly Novena is also being considered.  October 13, 2012 is National Rosary Day.  A rosary will be recited by the church entrance at 12 noon. 
Parish Life:  Donna reported on the Pet Blessing where 100+ people and pets joined the fun.  Sandy Sutton and Kathy Chapman were in charge and handled the event very well.   Mike Flynn was present in the persona of St. Francis and very well appreciated. 
Clint thanked Martha and Mary for their terms on the Pastoral Council. 
Social Action:  Right to Life is doing a mini version of the 40 days for Life this year at the Cherry Street Planned Parenthood.  The October 13, 2012 rosary will be at the abortion crosses at the church entrance.  Rosary Novena Oct 14 to 25th will be available in the Narthex.  RTL will be selling Christmas ornaments at the Harvest of Blessings event.  They want to be able to purchase literature to hand out at the Cherry Street abortion clinic.  Famly Promise OLOF week begins Oct 8th.   The Haiti committee is planning to join the Harvest of Blessings day, but are likely to withhold the desk at this time.   The quilt is a Christmas design so they will focus their efforts on that for fundraising.  Fr. McKenzie requested the Haiti committee to discuss fundraising plans with him.
Communication:   Claudia and her co-workers were effective in getting the Harvest of Blessings information disseminated. 
Administration:  Overhead work on the pavilion is nearly 30% complete.  $62,000 is the construction cost of the pavilion.   Storage shed for tables and chairs are planned.  The Knights of Columbus continue to fundraise to meet this debt.   Footers and foundation for the renovation is moving along.  The stairs at the far end of the building have been dismantled.  Church doors to the sanctuary are being locked.  It was a move to increase security for the night-time adorers.  Church cleaning October 6 by the Parish Pastoral Council
Education:  Dana read the attached report. There is a new part-time Administrative Assistant, Luis Ramos who is bilingual.  Virtus training was held earlier this week.  There were 20 adults in attendance.  Another session is planned later this month.
Next Meeting:   November 13 at 6:30 PM.  Clint reminded everyone that it will be after the elections.   New members will be asked to attend. 

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
September 11 2012
Present:    Fr. McKenzie, Fr. Bill McNeeley, Carl Muse, Mary Burkhart, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston,  Martha Green
Absent:   Megan McCormick
Guest:  Deacon Long, Tom Witt
Meeting was called to order at 6:33 PM with a prayer from Fr. McNeeley.   Minutes from the August meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept as amended by Carl was seconded by Mary.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:   
Ministries Day is on Sunday Sept 16 with representatives from the various ministries.  Dana has solicited 40 groups to have a table.  To date there are 5 replies.  The Council will have a poster with names and assigned ministries.   The Council cleaned the church on Saturday, August 4th.  Thanks to all those who assisted.  The next date for parish council is October 6.
Committee Reports:
CYO:     No report   
Parish Life:  Blessing of the Pets will be Sunday, Sept 30 in the afternoon.  In the past approximately 150 attended.   Donna is securing pet treats and arranging for activities.     The 55+ group is currently being headed by Fran Gallagher. 
Family Life: Mary notified all her ministries of the upcoming Ministries Day.   Trunk and Treat will have a different process.  Saints Theme is the goal.  The Hispanic community will feel more comfortable with the religious theme.  Dana Hogan is planning this change to align with the Religious ED year.  It will not be outside at all.
Worship and Spiritual Life:  Barbara reported that Spiritual Life committee continues to work on the Bereavement committee and a website for spiritual life.   A Spiritual Life parish survey was presented.  See attached.   The Lighthouse publishers CDs have been well received.   Holy cards for the “Novena of the Seven Sorrows of Mary” were passed out at all Masses last weekend.  Deacon Long will have a Prodigal Son presentation upcoming.   The Music Ministries are well attended at all Masses.
Social Action:  The “Soles for Souls” shoe collection for Haiti has exceeded the 100-pairs goal.  At this time there is 160 usable pairs with one more weekend to go.  These collections are planned for quarterly, covering different needs each quarter.   There will be a drawing for a quilt and a desk coming in November for the Haiti project.    The Right to Life committee is planning to sell Christmas ornaments for their next fundraiser.
Administration:    Carl reported that the pavilion will have a ceiling installed next.   Renovations on the Fatima Center have begun with some excavation at the front of the building.   Hospitality group is planning on having a presentation at Ministries day.    Fr. Mc Neeley reported on the “Grounds and Garden” committee.  Charlotte Kubb has agreed to head the efforts.  Iris bulbs are being given away this weekend with free will donations accepted.   Expansion of the gardens will happen when parishioners “adopt” areas. 
Education:  Report attached.
Communication:   Claudia reported that Dana requested a meeting with the heads of all the ministries.  She wants to survey the different groups to improve communication between ministries.  The council discussed a sample survey and possible goals of the survey process.   Fr. McKenzie suggested that an end goal for the information from the survey would be better beginning for information gathering.  Clint recommended that a Parish Pastoral Council have a work day to include the ministry leaders before the end of the year.  Fr. McKenzie noted that the Parish Pastoral council members are to meet with their respective groups at least every other month.  All information and planning should flow back through the council.  Tentatively the date for the Pastoral Council planning day was set for Sunday, December 9th.   The day will run from 12 to 6PM  
New Business:  Elections for the Pastoral Council are November 10 and 11.  Fr. McKenzie is not yet ready to reveal the nominations. 
Deacon Long introduced the topic of fundraising through a “Harvest of Blessings” event.  He related that the nearly weekly fundraising events in the narthex are not a good reflection on our parish.  At a previous parish the fundraising was limited to one weekend in the fall.   In addition, each group was given an individual weekend for the fundraising purpose.  All groups were given these dates to plan around.  The goal is to cut down on the volume of people in the Narthex.  The finance board is now approving who can sell in the narthex.  Discussion followed.  The Council unanimously voted to approve the Harvest of Blessings concept.  Claudia and the communications committee will get the plan out to the ministries ASAP.   The Harvest of Blessings weekend is planned for November 17 and 18th.
There is still no one to run the Angels Corner.  Fr. McKenzie is still working on this issue. 
Pastor’s Open Forum and Comments:    
Next Meeting is Thursday, October 4th at 6:30 PM.   The location will be announced.
The meeting was closed with a prayer led by Deacon Long

Director of Religious Education
Parish Pastoral Council Monthly Report
August 2012

• CCD began its 2012-13 year on Sunday, August 19, from 9:45-10:45 AM. Wednesday classes began
on August 22 at a new time, 6:45 - 8:00 PM;

• As of September 4, CCD enrollment stands at 217 students: Sunday CCD (Pre-K through Grade 6)
has 149 students and Wednesday CCD (Grades 5-8) has 68.

• This year, we are using a new program, Pflaum Gospel Weeklies. The curriculum's resources follow
the three-year Sunday Lectionary cycle and are arranged by grade group rather than distinct grades:
preschool, K-l, 2-3, 4-6, and 7-8. This allowed us to offer a combined Grades5/6 class on Sunday
morning. It turned out to be quite popular with twenty-seven students enrolled;

• Sunday morning class sizes are as follows: Pre-K 9, Kindergarten 17, First 20, Second 20, Third 29,
Fourth 26. Fifth/Sixth 27. Grades 1-4 are in need of both additional teachers and aides. All
classrooms in the Fatima Center are used on Sundays. The program also has over 20 students in need
of sacramental prep. They will require additional catechesis beyond their regular classroom time;

• This year, instead of asking for a CCD fee, we opted to ask families for a donation to the program.
Last year, the fee was about $20 per child plus an additional $10 for First Communion and
Confirmation students. This year, signs were posted that informed parents that, for the 2011-12
School Year, the CCD budget was $20,000-about $80 per child. Fees paid about 1;4 of the cost and
the parish generously subsidized the rest. With about II3 of our students' families yet to pay, we've
collected over $5100, over $37 per student. The program also received a generous donation of $500
from the Horace Brown family. Families who have not yet paid will be asked, through bulletin
reminders on September 9, 16, and 23, to do so. Any families who, at the end of the month, have not
yet paid, will be mailed a gentle notice;

• Adult education courses are continuing into the fall. Roseanne Nichols facilitated a group study on
Fr. Robert Barron's ten session Catholicism series, and the Thursday morning Bible and Breakfast
group has completed Jeff Cavins' eight part Quick Journey Through the Bible and is beginning his 24-
session Bible Timeline: The Story o/Salvation. Attendees of both the Catholicism and Quick
Journey courses completed evaluations that indicated a high degree of satisfaction with the programs;

• A Virtus training session was facilitated by Roseanne Nichols on Thursday, August 23. Four OLOF
parishioners were among the attendees. I will offer an evening Virtus session in September. The
diocese is requiring strict compliance with the Virtus guidelines. This fall, the diocese is slated to
undergo a Virtus audit; OLOF is among the parishes that will be visited;

• The film, The Saint 0/9/11, the biography of Fr. Mychal Judge, chaplain of the New York Fire
Department who was killed in the Tower Two collapse, will be shown on Tuesday, September 11.
Viewing of the 90-minute film and follow-up discussion will take place from 9:00-11:30 AM and
6:30-9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Dana Hogan

2012 - Spiritual Life Survey - Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Name (optional) __________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________
City ___________________________State _TN        Zip __________________

Best way to contact you: Phone (home) ___________(work) _______________
(cell) Email ________________________________________________________

Would you like to help plan future Spiritual Life Activities for our parish which could include retreats or
speakers? Yes___________No _____________________

Your Age
Under 18 ________18-24________ 25 – 24________ _ 35-49__________ 50-64________ _ 65 +____

Check the items below (indicate by numbers 1- 5 with 5 being important) that you would like to see
1. Scriptural Study - Individual/Group Presentation Series
_______ Gospel                 _______Letters of St. Paul              ______ Old Testament books

2. Prayerful
_______ Monthly Holy Hour (Vocations, Military, Saints, World Peace, Illness)
_______ Novenas (Holy Spirit - Our Lady of Fatima - Divine Mercy - Sacred Heart)
_______ Lectio Devina - Centering Prayer - Meditation
_______ Healing Service - (Spiritual, Physical)
_______ Day Retreats (examples: Prayer, adoration, family topics etc.) Prodigal Son/Stations of the Cross
_______ Youth Retreats / Younger Children

3. Educational
_______ Sacraments ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__________Catechism _____________Scripture__________ Church Doctors
_______ Movie night at the Church (once a month) depicting one of the Saints
_______ Speaker to talk on a particular topic of interest: _

4. ______ Comparisons/Differences with Religions (Series of 4 or 5 sessions - Protestant, Jewish, Islamic,
Muslim, Buddhist and other faith traditions

5._______ Developing a Personal Relationship - Love and Mercy
Our God is a Loving God; Getting to know God
Our God is a Forgiving God; forgiving ourselves and being forgiven by them.

6. What area of interest would you like to have available in our Parish? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7. How do you think we can improve the Spiritual Life of our parish? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

8. What are we doing that you think does not work? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Questions or Suggestions: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your time is completing this questionnaire for our parish. With this information the Spiritual
Life Committee can begin to plan activities for you and the Spiritual Growth of our parishioners. If you would
like to be a part of this process and/or a member of the Spiritual Life Committee please contact Angie Feltz
at 719-0280 or by email:

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
August 7, 2012
Present:    Fr. Bill McNeeley, Carl Muse, Mary Burkhart, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston, Megan McCormick, Martha Green
Absent With Cause:   Fr. McKenzie.
Guest: Dana Hogan
Meeting was called to order at 6:31 PM with a prayer from Fr. McNeeley.   Minutes from the July meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept as amended by Carl was seconded by Mary.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:   
The Council cleaned the church on Saturday, August 4th.  Thanks to all those who assisted.  The next date is unknown.
Committee Reports:
Education:  Dana Hogan gave the report on CCD registration.    Classes will begin Sunday, August 19.   A Kick Off event planned on Sept 16 Discussion followed on the cost of the program and a new system to allow families to pay as a “free-will offering”.  The average donation was more than $40 during the first week of registration.   The Spanish community with continue to pay $20 per student with a maximum set for large families.  Participation in the summer school program, Totus Tuus was disappointing.  The summer program is a part of the CCD year.   Those who did not attend missed a significant percent of religious formation.   Ideas for improving participation by parents and students were considered.  Additional Education reports for June and July are attached.
Administration:    Carl reported that the Kroger and Food City food certificates are now available in the church office.  The repair of the chairs in the chapel is in progress.  A “Grounds and Garden” committee is being formed.  It will report to the Administration committee. 
CYO:     Megan McCormick reported on events within the CYO.    There was a recent trip to the zoo with 15 in attendance.  There was tubing event and a movie night with 20 in attendance.   A pool party is planned for next week.  St. Albert the Great parish is hosting the Knoxville “World Youth Day” on August 18-19.  It is a campout format on the church grounds.  There are 8 leaders who are involved in a team building process.  They will plan the talks for the upcoming meetings.  Ministries day at one CYO gathering is being considered.  CYO youth will also be involved in the CCD kick off on Sept 16.   
Family Life: Mary noted that Saturday, September 22 she and Velma will be checking the inventory for Trunk and Treat.   She will contact the office to reserve Sunday, Oct 28th for the event 
Worship and Spiritual Life:  Barbara reported that Spiritual Life committee continues to work on the Bereavement committee.  It will include prayer warriors, funeral assistance and follow-up grief support for a period of time after a death.  They are also organizing the All Souls day mass.  The Legion of Mary will have a representative for the Spiritual life committee.  A Spiritual Life parish survey is still in the planning process.  They have looked into adding a display by the Lighthouse publishers for the narthex.  It will contain low-cost religious education CDs by various authors who speak on multiple topics.  A recommended minimum donation for a CD is $3.  The money is placed in a box that will be emptied regularly by the office.   In cooperation with the CCD director, an adult education meeting for the Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor is also being considered. 
Liturgy Committee:   No report.
Social Action:  The Right to Life efforts have paid off in many babies saved.  The clinic in Concord in closed .  Pregnancy Resource center will have the annual banquet on August the 16th at the Hilton.  OLOF table has room for more for a donation. Haiti committee is short on funds.  There is an approximate $1000 short-fall.  A special second collection has not occurred in a couple of years.  Martha suggested that the Prayers of the Faithful include the mention of Haiti.  Both ideas needed to be okayed by Fr. McKenzie.
Parish Life:  The Angel’s Corner does not have a manager at this time.  Coffee and donuts Sundays seem to be functioning well with the current volunteers.  The 55+ group continues to meet.  Hispanic ministries under Juan’s direction, is very steady.  Welcome table before and after masses needs to be reestablished.
Communication:   Website going well.  A parishioner had made a comment about a passage in the bulletin.  There was a reflection by another parishioner that upset her.    Clint requested the council members who are leaving the council prepare a short description of the tasks associated with their committee.   Access to the kitchen is an ongoing problem.  A parishioner needed to deliver a casserole for a funeral luncheon.  Fr. McKenzie will deal with this issue.  Comfort foods committee will need to be reminded of the restricted access.
Pastor’s Open Forum and Comments:    
Next Meeting is September 11th at 6:30 PM in the church library.  
The meeting was closed with a prayer by Fr. McNeeley.

Director of Religious Education
Parish Pastoral Council Monthly Report
June/July 2012
• The CCD/CYO summer youth program, Totus Tuus (Latin for "totally yours") brought eight faith-filled
young adults to our parish from Saturday, June 23 - Friday, June 29 for a week of catechesis and fun.
(Because of a last minute cancellation at another parish, we were able to get two teams for the price of
one.) Parish youth experienced daily Mass and rosary, positive role models, skits, games, and activities
designed to help them deepen their faith. The grade 1 - 6 program met for 5 hours per day, 25 hours in
all-about one-half the time of an entire CCD year. Grades 7 - 12 met for 2 hours each of 5 evenings.
Only 31 families, with a total of 5] children among them, registered for the program. Despite the fact
that bringing the Totus Tuus teams here cost the parish $]500 (plus some food expense), the week was
offered to families free of charge. Parishioners graciously volunteered to house the team members and
provide meals, and a dozen high school students served as aides throughout the week;

• The parish was notified that our application to the Spring 2012 Diocesan Educational Trust Fund had
been approved for $]200. The funds were requested for Jeff Kavin's The Bible Timeline: The Story of
Salvation, a 24-part DVD and 24 workbook study kits. The Thursday morning Bible study will begin
The Bible Timeline sometime in August. Student workbook kits are $45 each; students will pay $20 and
the parish will subsidize the remainder. Per Fr. McKenzie, all student fees will be used to fund
upcoming parish adult education programs;

• With remaining monies from the Spring 2011 Educational Trust Fund, the parish purchased several of
Jeff Kavin's Quick Journey Through the Bible student workbook kits. These will be used with the 8-
part Quick Journey study purchased earlier with the same funds. A group of 14 began the Quick
Journey study in early July and another group is forming;
• Also with remaining Summer 2011 funds, the parish purchased an English language Leader's Kit (l0-
part DVDs, notebook, and study guide), a Spanish version of the Catholicism series, and 20 student
Study Guides and Workbooks. The Thursday morning Bible group and Friday night Latino group are
completing the series;

• After Sunday Masses, the parish distributed 500 copies of Allen Hunt's Confessions ofa Mega-Church
Pastor. I created a bulletin board outside the social hall promoting the book (including an enlarged copy
of the cover compliments of our wonderful parish secretary, Mary Brent) and would love to start some
fall discussion groups on the book;

• Speaking of bulletin boards, now that I've lowered my standards (using MS Word-generated banners
instead of more time-consuming cut-out letters), I've updated 3 other bulletin boards in the Fatima
Center: One dedicated to the wisdom of St. Francis de Sales (one of my favorite saints), one with a
display of 1960s era biblical art, and one with bios of faith heroes;

• Finally, I wish we could figure out a systematic approach to encourage people to come to the Fatima
Center after Sunday Mass. Weekly coffee and doughnuts (full-size) would be a good start. The social
hall has so much potential to increase parish community, all we need to do is figure out how to make it

Respectfully submitted,

dana hogan, DRE

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
July 10, 2012
Present:    Fr. Bill McNeeley, Carl Muse, Mary Burkhart, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston, Megan McCormick, Fr. McKenzie
Absent:   No one.
Meeting was called to order at 6:31 PM with a prayer from Fr. McNeeley.   Minutes from the June meeting were reviewed.  One error on Fr. McKenzie’s name was corrected.   The motion to accept as amended by Mary was seconded by Carl.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:    Nominating committee submitted a list of 16 potential council candidates to Fr. McKenzie.  The committee included Claudia Huddleston, Velma Burke, Greg Ward (past council president) and Joe Burriesci.   Elections are in November.  
Barbara noted that the Fortnight commercial she reported on last month was aimed at the upcoming National elections.   The Fortnight events were well accepted. 
The Second collection sign has been used with some success. 
The Council cleans the church on Saturday, August 4th.
Committee Reports:
CYO:     Megan McCormick reported on events within the CYO.  The summer vacation bible school, Totus Tuus, was June 25 -29th.    There were 20 youths in attendance each evening.  Eight CYO helpers assisted with the daytime program.  The CYO participated with the Fortnight by leading one night, again 8 members were available for that event.  CYO had a July 5th trip for hiking and shopping in Sevier Co.  Field Day and a progressive dinner are planned for this week.  Next month there will be a trip to the zoo, tubing and a movie night .  Youth Leadership Institute Camp is planned for this weekend.  Three youths are preparing to attend.
Family Life: Mary discussed the Halloween plans are beginning.
Education:  No report.
Worship and Spiritual Life:  Barbara reported that the Liturgy and Worship committees will not meet again until August.  The Brown Scapular sign-up is going very well; 200 are available and there are approximately 30 left.  Fr. McKenzie gave the plans for the Scapular enrollment after each mass this weekend.   Also Fr. McKenzie has asked the spiritual life committee to assist with the distribution of the book “Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor”.  He has purchased 500 copies to be  given out after all masses next weekend. 
Liturgy Committee:   No report.
Social Action:  Martha reported that Family Promise our week begins July 29th. There was a pig roast fundraiser which netted $9000.  Haiti committee was unable to get the Priest from our sponsored school to the US this year.  Fundraising efforts are ongoing.   The right to life reported that the abortion clinics are out of business until they can find MDs to provide care.  A Jericho march at the Concord clinic is planned by a number of churches for later this week Fr. McKenzie reported that the amount of the parish donation for Good Neighbors has been increased in the upcoming proposed budget. 
Parish Life:   Donna is still working on getting lines of communication with the committees.  Fr. McKenzie asked that Parish life assist with the ground breaking ceremony on July 22 after the 11AM Mass. 
Communication:  Claudia reported that the communication committee will be involved in groundbreaking.  Fr. McKenzie asked at a news release be sent to the Daily Times.   He would like to see the “Our Legacy Our Future” theme be a part of the article.  Martha reported that an individual complained that the website has errors.  When she tried to report it via email, there was no response.   Mary from the office asked for the current Parish Mission statement to be published.  The council has a December 2000 version attached to the bylaws.  Fr. McKenzie did not recognize the document.  
Administration:    Fr. McNeely asked that the ushers speed up the process of the collection.  It takes too long.  Claudia reported that there are times when there are not enough ushers.  Donna suggested that the parish council member offer to help at whatever Mass they attend.  Locking of church doors after the 11 AM Mass is now being done by the priests.  The back door entrance is being unlocked by the ushers.  Fr. McKenzie noted that having the ambo on the right is out of step with other parishes.  It should be on the left side of the altar.  Fr. McKenzie is considering the change.  Megan noted that during the Totus event, injury occurred when a child ran into a building stake left from the pavilion or sidewalk construction.  Donna asked that the chairs in the chapel and nursery be repaired.  There are several with sharp edges that could cause harm.  Carl will investigate.  The sign to prohibit chalk on the concrete under the roof and the unsupervised use of the playground is in place.  
Pastor’s Open Forum and Comments:  Father noted that the city of Alcoa signed off on the reconstruction plan, once we added a bike rack.  The Nursery will be set up for adult meetings to take the place of room 206 after construction begins.  
Next Meeting is August 7th at 6:30 PM in the church library.  
The meeting was closed with a prayer by Fr. McKenzie.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
June 12, 2012
Present:    Fr. Bill McNeeley, Carl Muse, Mary Burkhart, Clint Woodfin, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston, Megan McCormick, Fr. Bill McKenzie
Absent:    Martha Green
Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM with a prayer from Fr. McNeeley.   Minutes from the May meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept by Barbara was seconded by Carl.   The minutes were accepted by voice vote with one minor correction.
Old Business:    Council will be cleaning the church on Sat. June 23.  Martha Green is likely staying on council until the elections.   Mary Burkhart is also staying on until the fall.  Fr. McKenzie recommended leaving any vacancies until the fall.  Paid staff cannot be on the nominating committee or the council.  Clint reminded us that Nominating committee for the fall Council elections was formed.  It includes Claudia Huddleston, Velma Burke, Greg Ward (past council president) and Joe Burriesci.  A list of proposed candidates will be given to Fr. McKenzie.   Elections are in November. 
Committee Reports:
CYO:     Megan McCormick reported on events within the CYO.  Graduation Mass was on Sat June 2nd, with 6 seniors honored.  Eight new leaders were identified.  Summer is mostly social events for the teens.  The summer vacation bible school, Totus Tuus, is planned for June 25 -29th.  Cove Crest camp event was successful for social action and retreat focus. 
Family Life: Mary discussed the “Come Together” parish picnic.  There was a bit of late start, so the stress of planning was difficult.  It was estimated that 200 attended. 
Education:  See Below.  
Worship and Spiritual Life:   Barbara reported that the Bereavement group planning is ongoing.  Also, locking of all the doors on the church after 11 AM Mass is now an issue.  The ushers are no longer handling this issue.  Bob Myers, who is in charge of the ushers, will be contacted to clarify the procedure.
Liturgy Committee:   No report.
Social Action:  “Fortnight for Freedom”, a nationwide effort by the USCCB, is planned for June 21st to July 4th.  A letter from the Bishop will be read the weekend of June 17th.   OLOF will participate with a prayer service at 7PM in the Chapel with a holy hour.  Explanation of the finer points of the HHS mandate and the immigration situation are the focus of these hours of prayer.   The RTL committee will pass out postcard to send to HHS, expressing these sentiments.   Several members of the council signed up to lead the prayers.  Fr. McKenzie requested several groups take the lead.  Barbara noted that the “Fortnight” commercial was very effective.  Fr. requested that the commercial be linked to the parish website.

Parish Life:   Donna distributed a “List of Ministries, Contact Persons and phone numbers” Fr. McKenzie noted that this list is outdated and Beth Parsons is working on a new version.  
Communication:   Claudia reported that a “Second Collection” sign will be ready for the Peter Pence collection on the weekend of June 23-24.
Administration:    Carl reported that the pavilion will have the ceiling lights and fans in place soon.  Security lights are also planned.  The area beyond the fence needs to be mowed; the mowers will not do this.    The Knights will be volunteering for this detail.  Fr. requested Carl assist with setting up policy for the pavilion.   Safety issues with use of chalk under the roof and the unsupervised use of the playground were addressed.  When it is finished, there will be a dedication with the Knights presenting it to the parish. 
Pastor’s Open Forum and Comments:  When the reconstruction begins, space availability will be limited.  Non-Parish groups have already been informed that space cannot be guaranteed.  Start date is expected July 21st, with a groundbreaking after Mass that weekend.  The finances are coming together for this effort.  
Next Meeting is July 10 at 6:30 PM in the church library.  
The meeting was closed with a prayer by Fr. McKenzie.

Director of Religious Education- Monthly Report- June 2012
• The 2011-12 CCD year ended on Wednesday, May 9. Classes will resume in mid-August;
• On Wednesday, May 16, twenty-three eighth graders and four high-school students were confirmed
by Bishop Stika. A reception, coordinated by the parish Hospitality Committee, followed in the
Fatima Center;
• On Saturday, May 19, seven CCD students made their First Communion at the 7 PM Latino Mass. A
reception followed in the Fatima Center. These are among the CCD students identified as being in
need of sacraments. This fall, qualifying students (two consecutive years in CCD) will be catechized
in special sacramental prep classes, in addition to their usual CCD class, and make their sacraments
in the spring of2013;
• On Wednesday, May 23,30 catechists and spouses attended the CCD End-of ..Year Appreciation
Dinner. Jeanine Dixon and Bonnie Fox graciously prepared the food, served, and cleaned up;
• As of June 6, 10 catechists have affirmed that they will return to teach CCD for the 2012-13 SY;
• Since Tony Hartman's retirement, I have assumed responsibility for the parish Virtus program.
OLOF is among the 12-14 diocesan parishes slated to undergo, in the coming months, a Virtus audit.
In anticipation of the audit, the diocese has requested parish summary Virtus information, which I've
been preparing. The upcoming audit has presented an opportunity to organize and update the Virtus
• The parish will again present the "Totus Tuus," VBS program beginning Sunday, June 24 and ending
Friday. June 29.
• Alex Hernandez, our parish seminarian, is joining the OLOF staff this summer. The Religious
Education office will be using Alex for a variety of jobs, including packing the office in anticipation
of the upcoming Fatima Center construction project.

Respectfully submitted.
dana hogan

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
May 8, 2012
Present:    Martha Green, Clint Woodfin, Luis Ramos, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston
Absent:    Carl Muse, Fr. Bill McKenzie, Fr. Bill McNeeley, Mary Burkhart
Guests:  Mike Flynn and Megan McCormick
Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM with a prayer.   Minutes from the April meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept was made and seconded.  The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:    Mike Flynn discussed new efforts to recruit additional helpers for the Saturday morning cleaning roster.  Currently 7 groups are in the rotation for bi-monthly service.   Need 5 additional groups to keep the rotation at every 4 months.  The work of these individuals saves the parish $1000.00 per month.  Suggestions came from the council for additional possible groups to assist with this task.  Recruitment efforts are underway.  In addition reminders will be sent to the group leaders and credit given to groups in the bulletin.   Parish council will be cleaning the church on Saturday, June 23. 
The May 20th “Come Together” parish picnic was discussed in detail.   There was a planning meeting on Tuesday, May 1 and another planned for Tuesday May 15.  Additional volunteers are needed for cleanup.  CYO has volunteered to assist with cleanup and several of the child activities.   Clint questioned whether the Diocese has been notified for insurance purposes.  Mike will get a response on the question. 
Martha reported a complaint from a parishioner that the handicap parking is not enough.  They are requesting the side door be opened.  Discussion followed.  Referred to the pastor. 
Committee Reports:
CYO:     Luis introduced Megan McCormick as his potential replacement to the Council.  This meeting is his last.   He then reported on events within the CYO.   The final CCD class is 5/9/12.  Confirmation mass will be attended by the CYO.   Leaders discernment is underway for the upcoming year. Summer schedule begins June 13 for social events.  Graduation Mass is on Sunday, June 2nd with dinner to follow.  There are five seniors this year.
Family Life: See above notes on the parish picnic.
Education:  See Below.  
Worship and Spiritual Life:  Barbara reported that the Legion of Mary is preparing several parishioners for the Total Consecration event on Sunday, May 13 after the 11 AM Mass.   The event should last about 20 minutes.  Holy Spirit novena begins May 19 for the Pentecost Sunday May 27.    Adoration group is planning a potluck for adorers.    Bereavement group is in the planning stage, with Fr. McNeeley’s encouragement.    Spiritual Bouquet is planned for Fr. Brando’s 40th anniversary.  
Liturgy Committee:   May crowning happened Sunday, May 6.  There will be no OLOF feast day due to Easter season Sunday. Confirmation is Wednesday, May 16.
Social Action:  Haiti committee has not met since last council meeting. Martha reported that the second annual “Lean on Me” concert for Good Neighbors on April 29 netted more than $6000.00.   St. Joseph’s worker manager, Joe Szmidt wants to provide clothing for the needy to go to interviews. 
Parish Life:   Donna will take on the Parish Life ministry. 
Communication:  A “Second Collection” sign is being prepared for the front entrance on appropriate Sundays.   The integration of the bulletin to the website has increased information flow overall.  Claudia reported difficulty sending emails to the pastor.  Email addresses were shared within the group. 
Administration:   No report. 
New Business:  Clint expressed gratitude to Luis for his year of participation on the Council.  In addition, Clint asked Martha to consider staying on the council until elections in the fall.  A Nominating committee will be formed very soon to begin the election process. 
Next Meeting is June 12 at 6:30 PM in the church library.  
Director of Religious Education- Monthly Report- May 2012
•    Thirty-four CCD students (30 Second graders and 4 third graders) made First Communion at the 11AM Mass on Sunday, April 22.  A family reception, graciously coordinated by Marie Muse, followed in the Fatima Center Social Hall;
•    Confirmation interviews for the 23 eighth graders and 4 high school confirmandi took place on Wednesday, April 18.  Each confirmandi met with Fathers McKenzie, McNeeley or Deacon Long to discuss their Confirmation preparation experience.  Each student also wrote a letter to Bishop Stika sharing their reasons for wanting the sacrament;
•    The eighth grade class attended their Eagle Rock Confirmation retreat the weekend of April 27-29.  Beth Parsons facilitated the event.  She was assisted by a group of CYO student leaders and adult chaperone, including Colleen Harbison, Confirmation Catechist team leader.   Following the group’s return on Sunday afternoon, a family potluck lunch was held in the pavilion;
•    2011-12 CCD catechists were asked to indicate their intent to return for the 2012-2013 school year.  As of this date, 14 catechists have responded have responded.  They are evenly divided ( 7 to &) on their intent for next year;
•    The parish completed and submitted the application for the semi-annual diocesan Education Trust Fund program.  Funds were requested for a 24-part study, The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation, slated to begin this fall.  Funding decisions will be made by the diocese in the next few weeks;
•    The CCD school year ends Wednesday, May 9;
•    Confirmation will be conferred on Wednesday, May 16 at 6 PM.  A reception, also graciously coordinated by Marie Muse, will follow in the Fatima Center Social Hall.

Respectfully submitted,  Dana Hogan, DRE  2 April 2012

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
April 10, 2012
Present:    Martha Green, Clint Woodfin, Mary Burkhart, Luis Ramos, Fr. Bill McNeeley, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Donna Bailey, Claudia Huddleston
Absent:    Carl Muse, Fr. Bill McKenzie.   Dennis Ryneic has submitted his resignation to Fr. McKenzie.  Clint will contact the parishioner who had the next largest number of votes in the November election. 
Meeting was called to order at 6:33 PM.  Fr. Bill McNeeley offered an opening prayer.  
Minutes from the March meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept, with minor corrections, was made and seconded.  The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
Old Business:    February Minutes were reviewed and approved by voice vote. 
Committee Reports:
CYO:     Luis reported on events within the CYO.  The Ministries information night was held with the Knights of Columbus represented by Tony Richardson, the CCW by Fran Gallagher and Mary Burkhart and the parish Council by Barbara Foster.  Other ministries were also discussed.  The confirmation retreat is planned for April 27-29th at Eagle Rock.   Luis will be leaving the council next month.  Selection of a replacement is in the process. 
Family Life:   Mary reported that there was no Easter Egg Hunt by the mother’s group this year.  The group numbers has fallen to a minimum and an acceptable date was not found.   Discussion followed on how the group’s numbers could be increased.
Education:  See Below.  
Worship and Spiritual Life:  Barbara reported that the Legion of Mary is preparing several parishioners for the Total Consecration event on May 13.  The Legion was able to secure 500 copies of the Mathew Kelly’s book “Rediscovering Catholicism” which they distributed after each Mass on Easter weekend.  Spiritual Life committee is investigating a series from the Catholic Lighthouse publishers; offering parishioners another opportunity to grow in their understanding of the faith.
Liturgy Committee:  The Divine Mercy Cenacle is preparing to have the Divine Mercy Chaplet before the Masses on Divine Mercy Sunday.  Upcoming calendar includes First Communion of April 22, May Crowning after the 11AM Mass on May 6, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13, and Confirmation of Wednesday, May 16.
Social Action:  Martha reported that the Haiti committee is finding the amount of financial support for the Parish school of Fr. Phi is shrinking.  In addition Fr. Wilfranc is planning a visit this spring to thank OLOF for the generous gift of his truck.  Fr. McNeely will inform Mr. McKenzie of the apparent conflict with two separate Haiti parishes requesting assistance from OLOF.   OLOF is supporting Family Promise this week.  Martha reminded council that the second annual “Lean on Me” concert for Good Neighbors is April 29 at 6 PM at Fairview United Methodist Church.  Joe Szmidt is again organizing the event which was very successful last year.
Parish Life:  Dennis Ryniec’s replacement is pending.  Council bylaws were consulted regarding Parish Life.
Communication:  A “Second Collection” sign will be available at the front entrance on appropriate Sundays.
Administration:  Mike Flynn has been hired as a building/facility manager.  Tony Hartman retired and there is no longer a Parish Administrator.  Installation of electric service to the pavilion is underway.
New Business:    Next Meeting is May 8 at 6:30 PM in the church library.  The Council’s church cleaning day has not been set.
Flyers entitled “Come together: A vision of Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going” were distributed to council.  The event is scheduled for Sunday, May 20 from 2-6PM.  It was unclear who was managing the event.  Claudia volunteered to research the specifics. 
Pastor’s Notes:   The Fatima Center renovation process is moving forward.  Architect selection is complete.
Director of Religious Education- Monthly Report-  April 2012
•    Due to spring break, CCD did not meet the week of March 11;
• The eight "out of sequence" students currently being catechized to receive second grade sacraments continue to meet on Sundays from 12: 15-1:00 PM. Second grade catechist, Butch Bryant, graciously volunteered to instruct these children. I am the classroom assistant. Of the eight, one second grader and three third graders will receive First Communion with the second grade. The other four student will receive individually during a designated Easter season Sunday liturgy;

• Esperanza Tuck, our bilingual part-time office assistant has been a great blessing to the program. Families, many of whom are Latino, continue to register for CCD and her language skills have been invaluable in helping them feel welcome to the program;

• During the weekend of March 24, two First Communion workshops were held for students and their families. The eight "out of sequence" students were also included. The Saturday workshop was for English-speaking families and Sunday's (facilitated by Juan Hernandez) was for our Spanish-speaking population. (This is the second time these families were split between 2 workshops.  A make-up First Reconciliation workshop was held in February for Latino families who missed that workshop. Juan Hernandez graciously agreed to facilitate, and it was very well attended.) We were very encouraged to have 100% attendance between the two First Communion workshops and, in the future, plan to continue dividing the families for these events;

• The First Communicants created ceramic blessing cups to commemorate this sacred event. The cups
have been painted and glazed. Yvonne Wells, a local art teacher, graciously assisted with the cups
and will have them fired for us at no cost;

• Upcoming events: Eighth Grade Confirmandi-Priest interviews on Wednesday, April 18; First
Communion at 11AM Mass on Sunday, April 22; Eighth Grade Confirmation Eagle Rock Retreat
the weekend of April 27-29; Final CCD for 2011-12 year is Sunday, May 6 and Wednesday, May 9;
Eighth Grade Confirmation is Wednesday, May 16.

Respectfully submitted,  Dana Hogan, DRE  2 April 2012

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
February 7, 2012

Present: Dennis Ryneic, Martha Green, Clint Woodfin, Mary Burkhart, Luis Ramos, Fr. Bill McNeeley, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster
Absent:   Claudia Huddleston, Carl Muse, Donna Bailey, Fr. Bill McKenzie

Meeting was called to order at 6:33 PM. Fr. Bill McNeeley offered an opening prayer.
Minutes from the January meeting were reviewed. The motion to accept, with minor correction, was made by Mary. Dennis seconded. The minutes were accepted by voice vote. 
Old Business:  Clint will send a letter to Tony Richardson to remove him from Council due to repeated absences. Lenten Meals reported on by Dennis (see below). Father McNeeley discussed the proposed facility changes. 
 Committee Reports:
CYO:      Luis reported on events within the CYO. The Auction and Spaghetti Dinner on 1/27/12 netted S6500, to be shared with the CCW and Knights. CYO uses the money to offset costs of events for CYO members. ln February the annual "sleepless" event will be in Pigeon Forge. CYO wants to host a ministry fair before end of year. They will invite all interested ministries to set up tables in the social hall and give a 5 minute talk for the entire group. A proposed date will be in late March. There are 20-30 youths regularly attend.
Family Life:   Mary reported that there will be a basement cleaning this Saturday at 9AM. She also reported that the update of the One-Call system was not accomplished. The cost has gone up significantly from the original S1000/yr. A decision is expected from Fr. McKenzie whether the service will be continued. CCW is selling tickets for the Mardi Gras event planned for 2/18/12.
Education:   See Attached.  
Worship and Spiritual Life  Barbara reported that Dottie Osborne and Bridgette Shoecraft have taken over Arts and Environment duties from Jeanine. Fr. McNeeley reported on the 1 day Lenten retreat presented by Juan Hernandez. Legion of Mary is taking over the "travelling" Mary statue schedule. An 8-part Bible study series is being piloted by the Thursday Morning Breakfast and Bible group. lt is entitled “A quick Journey through the Bible”. A second pilot daytime group is planned. This program has a more extensive series (24 weeks) which may be used throughout the parish.
Liturgy Committee:     The Lenten Penance service date has not been set.
Social Action:   Martha reported that OLOF will be hosting the Blount Co Ecumenical Action meeting on 2/28/12. She also introduced the "Inasmuch-United Blount County" service day scheduled for March 24th. lt is a day set aside by 7 local churches to do good works for the needy of the community. 
Parish Life:   Dennis reported that the “welcome” table is being manned at the 11AM Mass by the Knights. He passed around the sign-up sheet for Council members to assist with 5 PM and 8:30 AM. Council will host the first Lenten meal on Friday Feb 24th at 5:3OPM. Remaining weeks are covered by other ministries
Communication:   Claudia was absent. “Filtering” of content on the Website was discussed. The
communication committee has reviewed website content for the last year or more. Fr. McKenzie will be contacted regarding this issue.
Administration:  No report.
New Business:   There were bugs noted recently in the kitchen. Cleanliness of the kitchen remains an issue. Administration has addressed this issue in the past. Clint suggested that a subcommittee may be needed. Clint reminded all that the Council is signed up for church cleaning on Saturday, March 3'd. 
Pastor’s Notes:    Fr. McNeeley recommended that a copy of the church calendar be brought to each council meeting to aid with scheduling questions. He closed the meeting with prayer.

Director of Religious Education-
Monthly Report
February 2012

  •  The CCD program continues to see new students enrolling; ln January, 8 students joined the program; three of their four families are Spanish-speaking. CYO and CCD have been working together to staff a part-time (10 hours per week) administrative position. With the number of Spanish-speaking families in our program, it was decided that the position required bilingual skills. During the last week of January, a candidate to fill the position was identified: Beginning Sunday, February 5, parishioner Esperanza Tuck will assist with CCD and CYO needs, including CCD hours on Sunday and Wednesday;
  •  On Saturday morning, January 21, second graders and their parents attended a Reconciliation workshop. Second grade catechists Butch Carleton and Jayne Gallegos were in attendance. The event included a visit to the confessional, a presentation to parents, and a craft activity. Attendance was 55%. Of the 16 families who did not attend, nine have Spanish surnames. Our Hispanic minister, Juan Hernandez, graciously agreed to attend the event to assist the Spanish-speaking families. None arrived, very discouraging for the program and the parish at large. Due to a calendar conflict, Second grade First Reconciliation has been rescheduled from Saturday, February 25 to Tuesday, February 28 at 6:30 PM;
  •  On Saturday, January 28, the seventh grad ers in Confirmation I attended a prayer workshop. Seventh grade catechist Lillian Bray joined the class. Attendance was 64%. This year’s theme was "Praying the Labyrinth.”  Labyrinth experts Mary and Stuart Bartholomaus, All Saints' parishioners, led the retreat. After hearing a brief presentation about this contemplative prayer form, students had the opportunity to walk the three floor labyrinths or use the finger labyrinth brought by the presenters. The day ended with a collage activity in which students depicted their gifts and the ways to use them in service to God and others;
  •  On Sunday, February 12, catechists will attend one of 2 sessions of a Lenten workshop, presented from 9:45-10:45 AM and 12:15-1:15 PM;
  •  The program has been fortunate to have class for 5 uninterrupted weeks. This month, Sunday CCD will not meet on February 12 and Wednesday night CCD will not meet on February 15 and 22. We will return to class on Sunday, February 19 and 26.
Respectfully submitted, Dana Hogan, DRE 2 February 2012
Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
November 8, 2011

Present: Martha Green, Clint Woodfin, Mary Burkhart, Luis Ramos, Fr. Bill McNeeley, Dennis Ryneic, Claudia Huddleston, Carl Muse, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster
Absent:   Fr. Bill McKenzie
Guest:  Tony Hartman
Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM.  Fr. Bill McNeeley offered the opening prayer.  
Old Business:  Election of new council members is set for November 20.  Nominating committee now has 5 candidates and will create a ballot to elect 3 out of the five.  Clint reminded the council that members will be replaced if they do not attend meetings. They will need to show good cause when absent. 
 Committee Reports:
CYO:     Luis reported on events within the CYO.   There was participation in both the Pancake breakfast for Haiti and Trunk or Treat on Oct 30th.   The “Leaders” have discussed “Modesty” and a study of the Roman Missal changes beginning in Advent.  ACYC (Alcoa Catholic Youth Conference) in Townsend, sale of luminaries for Christmas eve and plans for progressive dinner are the current focuses.   A Youth Forum blog is also in the works.  Kid-Safe education had a good turn-out. 
Family Life:   Mary discussed the Trunk and Treat on Sunday October 30.  There was a larger than expected turnout.  The total budget for this event is $125.00.  Discussion followed regarding the budget process and efforts to increase to cover costs next year.    It was suggested that a donation could be requested when families attend.   Mary also asked if the One-Call system could be used to promote a local business which would contribute a portion of sales to OLOF.  The decision was deferred to the Finance Committee and Fr. McKenzie
Education:   See Attached.  
Worship and Spiritual Life
Liturgy Committee:     Barbara reported that the All Souls Day was well attended.  There are changes in the procession.  Christmas Mass schedule is as follows:  Christmas Eve: 5PM, 7PM and 12 MN.  Christmas day is 8:30 and 11 AM.  No separate Hispanic Mass is planned.   The Penance service is December 13 at 7 PM.   There are no new efforts on behalf of the church nursery services.  Spiritual Life Committee has no report. 
Social Action:   Martha reported that the parish Right To Life Group expressed a big thank you for the many parishioners who participated in the 40 Days for Life at Concord Street Abortion Clinic.   The Good Neighbors program annual progressive dinner drew 176 with OLOF responsible for desserts.   The event was also supported by the Hospitality Committee.   Martha distributed fliers from Good Neighbors.  See attached.   The Haiti fundraising with the necklaces raised $685.  The quilt and chest raised $1500. 
Parish Life:   Dennis reported on the welcome packet.  He requested members of the council to be present in the Narthex to assist.   He distributed a sign-up sheet for this purpose.  Bob Myers has agreed to cover 11 AM Mass.   The 55+ group is without a formal leader at this time as Fran Gallagher recovers from a recent illness.
Communication:   Claudia reported that the Website is being updated.
Administration:  The parking lot lights are now on timers.  Pavilion lights are near completion.    There is still mud on the pavilion floor after rains.  The dead trees on the property are to be replaced by ALDIs according to Tony. 
Minutes from the October meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept, with one correction, was made by Carl.  Mary seconded.  The minutes were accepted by voice vote.
New Business:   The Council is signed up for church cleaning on December 10.   No council meeting in December. 
Pastor’s Notes:    No new issues to report.                         Fr. McNeeley closed the meeting with prayer.

Director of Religious Education
Parish Pastoral Council Monthly Report
November 2011
•    As of November 2, Pre-K through Grade 8 enrollment is 238 students, an increase of 17 since the October report was submitted.  There are a total of 15 classes and 31 catechists:
•    Class sizes range from 13 students in kindergarten to 34 students in the sixth grade;
•    During the current CCD year, 33 second graders and 23 eighth graders are completing sacramental prep;
•    Due the catechist inservice, CCD not meet on November 6 and 9.  Catechists may choose t attend either meeting on Sunday, November 6: from 9:45-10:45 AM or 12:15-1:15 PM;
•    The CCD and CYO programs present the diocesan-mandated Keeping Kids Safe program during regular class meeting times on Sunday 23 and Wednesday, October 26;
•    The mandatory Confirmation workshop for eighth graders, their parents and sponsors wqs held in the Fatima center on Saturday, October 22.  Eight students (1 excused and 7 unexcused) did not attend;
•    First grade CCD enrollment, at 21 students, is smaller than expected.  A bulletin announcement was run on Sundays, October 30 and November 6 to remind families to enroll their first graders in the program;
•    A variety of volunteers are needed in the CCD program; including substitute teachers and Wednesday night parking lot dismissal supervision.  An announcement will run in the November 6 bulletin asking for help.
Respectfully submitted by Dana Hogan, DRE            November 6, 2011

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
October 11, 2011

Present: Martha Green, Clint Woodfin, Mary Burkhardt, Luis Ramos, Fr. Bill McNeeley, Dennis Ryneic, Claudia Huddleston, Carl Muse, Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Phil Malach

Absent:  Tony Robinson, Fr. Bill McKenzie

Guests:  Dana Hogan, DRE and Tony Hartman

Meeting was called to order at 6:32 PM.  Fr. Bill McNeeley offered the opening prayer.  
Minutes from the August meeting were reviewed.   The motion to accept was made by Carl.  Phil seconded.  The minutes were accepted by voice vote.

Introductions:  Dana Hogan was introduced as the new DRE.   She has a long history of Catholic education, including some experience as an assistant principal.  She gave a brief report.  (See attached)  

Old Business:  Election of new council members was discussed.  Clint reviewed the current bylaws which call for a nominating committee of no more than 2 council members with 2 other parishioners.  It was moved by   Velma and seconded by Martha that the nominating committee be formed and elections happen on the second weekend of November, as outlined in the bylaws.  Carl and Barbara will represent the council.  Keith Feltz and Louise Thompson were suggested to complete the committee.  Clint will follow-up.

 Committee Reports:

:     Luis reported on events within the CYO.   CYO gatherings started Sept 7.  Stress in HS was a topic early this session and Fr. McNeeley presented “Parts of the Mass” with the new changes. Apologetics will be the theme of the CYO this year.    A parent meeting highlighted the CYO event schedule and Virtus training.  Upcoming events include:  ACYC (Alcoa Catholic Youth Conference), 40 Days for Life at the Concord abortion clinic prayer vigil.  Pancake breakfast for Haiti and Trunk or Treat events both on Oct 30th.  Awards given during the Youth Day were:  The Discipleship to Luis, Light of the World to Andy Schneider, and Companion of the Journey to Beth Parsons. 

Family Life:   Quilters group is providing a quilt to raffle for funds to pay off the church.  The Mom’s group is still interested in having the playground phase 2 and 3 completed.  However, they are not focusing their efforts on that project at this time. Mary discussed the Trunk and Treat set for Sunday October 30 from 4 to 7:30 PM.      She will need help with decorating on Saturday the 29th starting at 9:30 AM, Sunday set up  at 1 PM and clean-up.  CYO will assist.  Sign-up sheets will be posted in the narthex.  The nursery is no longer available during Sunday Masses.   There are no Virtus-trained adults available to provide supervision.

Education:   See Attached.   The foyer into the Fatima Center has had some improvements.  The placement of OLOF statues and Our Lady of Guadalupe is under discussion. 

Worship and Spiritual Life:  Barbara reported there has been no new activity since the Scott Hahn event.  Feedback from the parishioners is being sought through a survey.  The chairpersons from the major parish committees will be polled regarding their preference for retreats, devotions, speakers or topics for small study groups. 

Liturgy Committee:     Barbara reported on the Healing service on Monday, October 24th at the 8AM Mass.   There will be a first-class relic available at the service.  A Novena to St. Anthony Claret is a part of the healing prayers.   Roman Missal translation is ongoing.  At the All Souls Day Mass parishioners, who have lost someone in the last year, will be asked to be part of the Mass.  

Social Action:   Martha reported that the parish Prolife Group is sponsoring a table at the Right to Life dinner in Knoxville.  There is one ticket left at a cost of $50.   40 days for Life is underway at Concord Street Abortion Clinic, OLOF is responsible for 3 days (7 AM to 7 PM) and we are in need of more volunteers.  St Joseph Workers has steady flow of calls for needs and helpers.  Joe Schmitz needs a backup organizer.   He has green forms in the hall for treasures to donate or needs for specific items.  Martha expressed a concern about confidentiality of those requesting help.  Martha continues investigate the thrift store idea.   Ladies of Charity versus St. Vincent DePaul was a point of discussion.   She was referred to Fr. McKenzie after further information is gathered.    The Good Neighbors program is having their annual progressive dinner with OLOF responsible for desserts.   The event will be November 6 at 1:15PM with a possible attendance of 250.   Tickets are $25 each.    A fundraiser coupon idea was tabled for this time.    Haiti fundraising will involve the Confirmation class who will be helping with a raffle on November 12th.   The breakfast on Oct 30th is still planned for the Haiti effort as well.  Family Promise OLOF week is Oct 24th.   All arrangements are in place.   Family Promise is also hosting a Pastor’s breakfast on Oct 18, a commitment from OLOF is pending.    

Parish Life:   Dennis reported on the welcome packet and plans to begin first Sunday of Nov.   He showed a small directional sign to draw new members in the narthex space.   All weekend Masses need coverage.  It was suggested that the ushers be informed in the event they are approached by newcomers.   Additional volunteers are needed to cover.   Coffee and donut Sundays are an opportunity to get others to join this effort.  Council members were reminded to wear the Council name tags. 

Communication:   Claudia gave a history of the communication committee efforts.  Email addresses and phone numbers were updated in the parish database.   The ability to send an email to a selected group is built into the system.  It was recommended that interaction between groups would be better facilitated if all the groups knew the heads of the rest of the groups.   The website has also improved information flow to all the parishioners.  Multiple positive comments have been given for the bulletin.

Administration:  The Pavilion will have more sidewalks and a ceiling with lights soon.  Church roof repair is completed.   The kitchen and pantry is now locked.  Mary will check out the key with a checklist of materials.  The hidden culvert with a sharp edge has been painted bright orange and a protective covering is planned.  The ladies restroom light in the church was repaired. 

New Business:   The Council is signed up for church cleaning Oct 22 and December 10.

Pastor’s Notes:    No new issues to report.                         Fr. McNeely closed the meeting with prayer.

Director of Religious Education
Parish Pastoral Council Monthly Report
October 2011
•    As of October 10, Pre-K through Grade 8 enrollment is 221 students.  There are a total of 15 classes and 31 catechists:
•    Class sizes range from 13 students in kindergarten to 33 students in the sixth grade;
•    During the current CCD year, 30 second graders and 21 eighth graders are completing sacramental prep;
•    Due the school district’s fall break, class did not meet the weeks of Oct 2 and 9.  They will resume on Sunday, October 16;
•    To get acquainted with the catechists, the DRE has scheduled a meeting.  Catechists may choose from two sessions: Wednesday, October 12 at 6 PM or Sunday, October 16 at noon.
•    During October, the CCD and CYO programs will be presenting the diocesan “Keeping Kids Safe” program during regular class meeting times on Sunday, October 23 and Wednesday, October 26;
•    The Confirmation workshop of eighth graders, their parents and sponsors will be held at the Fatima Center on Saturday, October 22 from 10 AM – 2 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Dana Hogan, DRE
October 10, 2011

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
September 2011

The meeting was cancelled.  There are not minutes.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting
August 16, 2011
Present: Martha Green, Clint Woodfin, Mary Burkhardt, Luis Ramos, Fr. Bill McKenzie, Fr. Bill McNeeley, Dennis Ryneic, Claudia Huddleston, Carl Muse,

:  Velma Burke, Barbara Foster, Tony Robinson
Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by Clint.   Fr. Bill McKenzie gave the opening prayer.  
Minutes from the July meeting were reviewed.   A motion to accept was made by Claudia with a second by Dennis.  The minutes were accepted by voice vote.

Old Business
:  Election of new council members was discussed.  Four replacements are needed.   Carl Muse, Kathy   and Claudia will run for election later this month.  Nominations are still open and Tony Hartman will create the ballot. Fr. McKenzie noted that in the future a roster of candidates must be submitted to the Pastor before the ballot is created.  The roof work will begin on the 22nd.  One-Call system has been set up for the Council by Mary Burkhardt.  The meeting will be set again on the second Tuesday.

Committee Reports
Family Life:   Mary discussed the Trunk and Treat celebration set for Sunday October 30 within the Fatima Center around 4 to 7:30 PM.     

:     Luis reported on events within the CYO.  Facebook page is well underway.  Questions to the Priest are being included.   Update of permission slips from the Diocese will now include permission for pictures to be published.    Upcoming events will be: Board game night, coffee karaoke and luau night.  Diocesan World Youth Day camp, Sept 10 is the Diocesan Youth Mass and celebration.   First night of CYO is Sept 2nd.  Apologetics will be the theme of the CYO this year.  Also look at the changes to the Roman Missal. 

:  CCD registration is underway.  Fr. McKenzie is heading up a team for a new DRE selection.

Worship and Spiritual
:  Clint read a report of the Scott Hahn event from Angie Feltz.  (See Attached).  In addition there is interest in promoting the Eucharist Adoration and the traveling St. Mary’s statue.  They hope to prepare a survey for the CCD open house.  They want to get input from parishioners for upcoming Spiritual Life activities.

Liturgy Committee
:  Clint submitted a report from Barbara.  There is a plan to have a 7PM Mass on All Souls Day with a special invitation to all parishioners who lost some one within the last year.    Also have planned with Father on how to best implement the changes in the Roman Missal planned for Advent.    Father clarified that there are no changes in the Mass, only a new translation in certain parts of the Mass.  The number of workbooks for lectors is questioned, since some are not being used.  Father will discuss the quantity with the lectors.  Specific changes were then listed for all the lectors and  Eucharistic ministers.  

Social Action
:   Fr. McNeely accompanied Martha to 4 local service offices and she received positive feedback from several people as a result.   Respect Life Group is assisting with a fund raiser at Sevier Heights Baptist Church on August  18.  Fr. McKenzie will lead the opening prayer.  St. Josephs Helpers is gaining momentum.  Currently there have been 277 people offering assistance and 13 requests for help.   Joe Szmidt continues to lead the group.  Fr. McNeely requested a parish policy on visits to individual homes.  Fr. McKenzie stated all visits must be done by 2 people for safety reasons.   The exception is when the Eucharistic Ministers are providing Holy Communion.     Family Promise OLOF week in July went well.  There is a suggestion that we become a Host church instead of Support.  As it stands, during our week to support the people stay at St. Paul Lutheran church.  Pete O’Neil is the program chair and does not feel our Fatima center is conducive to hosting at this time.  We may be asked to increase our volunteer hours during the commitment.   The question of Diocesan support was discussed.  At this time the Diocese is firm that we be only a support church.   Fr. Wilfranc, from Haiti was grateful to the parish for the financial support.  The new pastor for our school in Haiti is Fr. Phito Gilles.  K of C is doing a breakfast Oct 30th.  The Confirmation class will be helping with a raffle.  The raffle is a quilt made by Delores Maglione and blanket chest made by Richard Harbison.  The goal is to raise $4000 for a village water filtration system.   This is important to prevent cholera.   The Souders made a trip to Haiti to teach how to make soap.  Habitat for Humanity is beginning a Faith Relations Committee.  They want a priest from our parish to attend the monthly meeting and promote their efforts in our parish.   Martha then suggested some ways the parish could raise extra dollars to help support more social action within the county.  A thrift store, owned and operated by a local church clears $30,000 a year.  Gift cards similar to the Kroger and Food City cards, sold by the K of C, are available from thousands of companies  includingTarget, Walmart, and area restaurants.    An on-line company “Great Lakes Scrips” projected that the church could earn $11 per family per week from these cards.   

Parish Life
:   Dennis reported on the welcome packet and plans to begin ASAP.  Narthex space and volunteers to man a table is recommended.   Also discussed was the process of welcoming through use of a lapel button that says “If you are new, tell me.”    Father would also like to make a verbal welcoming during the Mass one weekend a month.   Other suggestions were to have new comers recognized by either the person who does the announcements at the beginning of Mass or the greeting before Mass.  Decisions were tabled for the next meeting.  In addition, September 17 is the Parish welcome for the Priests.

:  Claudia reported that the parish office secretary needs the contact numbers for future council meetings. Website is under construction.   Corrections were made to the Council roster.  

:  Church roof repair is coming up soon.  There was an injury by a CYO member last week on a nearly hidden culvert that has a sharp edge.  Repairs are needed.  Tony Hartman will be informed.   The Ladies restroom light is flickering was reported by a parishioner with a concern about her daughter’s epilepsy.  Other structural/maintenance issues were discussed.

New Business:  September 17 is the Parish welcome for the Priests.    In the spirit of helping persons through the current tough times, Martha suggested a singles group to be supported by the parish.  An exercise class that is free was also recommended.   Father noted that Blount County Senior Citizens Services provides some of these types of offerings. 

Pastor’s Notes
:  Both the priests were encouraged by the transition with the parish.  No new issues to report.

Fr. McNeely closed the meeting with prayer.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting

May 10, 2011


Present: Greg Ward, Steve Kintzele, Mary Burkhardt, Velma Burke, Martha Green, Claudia Huddleston, Clint Woodfin, James Haug, Dennis Ryneic, Carl Muse, Fr. Bede

Absent:  Barbara Foster, Phil Malach, Tony Robinson

Guest: Tony Hartman, Tom Witt

Meeting was called to order at  6:36 PM by Greg.     Fr. Bede offered an opening prayer.

Minutes from the March meeting were reviewed.  Minor changes were made.  The motion to accept was made by Clint with a second by Mary.  The minutes were accepted by voice vote.

Old Business:  Tom Witt reported on the ALDI agreement specifics.  See Attached map and table.   The outcome of the agreement netted the parish approximately $77,000 in benefits.   He also reported good results on the electric expense management with a reduction especially noted in March.  Negotiations, with several parties, on the roof repairs are expected later this week.   Tom also reminded the council that the budget process is beginning soon.  All committee chairs need to complete and return budget requests promptly.

Committee Reports:

CYO:   James Haug reported that CYO will formally end for the summer on the 18th of May.  All the local High School graduates will be recognized at the 8:30 Sunday Mass on the 15th.    The recycling program has been well received and executed.  James successor to the council has not yet been appointed.

Family Life:  Mary Burkhart reported on the changes to the bulletin.  The first edition of the new format was considered a success.  Mary asked that all groups contribute information regularly.   CCW contributed $500 to the Mothers Group for Phase One of the playground.  There is only $300 remaining to finish this phase.     Discussion followed regarding the clothing donations which are overflowing the container provided.  Mary will get with the Mother’s group to keep the area cleared.   Assistance from the CYO had been suggested.

Education: Claudia Huddleston reminded the Council that Confirmation is Saturday, May 14 at the 5:00 Mass. 

Worship and Spiritual: Steve Kintzele discussed the travelling Fatima statue schedule, there are several openings.  The Scott Haun event in July has sold more than 318 tickets to date.  OLOF accounts for 55% of the tickets.  Proceeds exceed $4000 to date.   At this point the expenditures are covered.  Any profit will be used for future spiritual life events.  The committee and sub committees are preparing to feed the crowd with a catered lunch and snacks between talks.   Greg requested a complete list of committee chairs and participants in order to formally recognize their efforts.  Finally Steve noted that the council has another cleaning date on Saturday, June 4th.

Social Action: Martha Green noted that the OLOF Family Promise week went well.  A mentoring program, for families who have graduated, is being planned.  Martha will bring additional details to the next meeting.  The Haiti Outreach committee shipped 81 boxes including 4 bikes, diesel generator, water purification system and Collette Souder’s soap materials.  The Rocking chair fundraiser brought in more than $2500.  The Good Neighbors fundraiser entitled “Lean on Me” netted $7200.  Thanks to Joe Szmidt who organized and emceed the event.  Other active groups within the parish include the MEV group (aka “Right to Life”), who have raised funds with bread sales and now the baby bottle program available in the narthex.  Martha then listed multiple comments from the wider Blount Co. community about OLOF parishioner’s work.   Agencies with OLOF volunteers include Community Food Connection, Global Women’s work day, Good Neighbors, Trinity Dental, local nursing home visitors.    

Parish Life:  Dennis Ryneic commented that the Lenten meals seem to go well.  He raised the issue of the welcome committee and pamphlets.  Fr. Bede noted that there is a brochure available.  Greg expressed a concern that space in the narthex is limited due to the many rows of chairs in the “Cry area”.    It was noted that this area is being used by individuals without children.   Efforts will be made to reorganize the narthex to allow for a Welcome table.   Claudia recommended an Email welcome as well.    It was suggested that any Welcome table effort include the ushers since most newcomers approach them first.   

Communication:  Claudia Huddleston and Clint Woodfin reported that the website is undergoing significant change to allow time-sensitive and up-to-date information to be entered by each ministries chair or designated representative.   Policy and procedures for posted information will be established to assure appropriateness.  Greg Ward (not the council chair) is instrumental in making the website user-friendly.  Thanks were expressed for all the efforts of Roy Ehman to maintain the website since its beginning.  Attention to the hall bulletin boards will happen next.

Administration:  Carl Muse reported on the Knights efforts to raise money at the recent Townsend “Old Settlers Days and BBQ.  A total of $2500 was brought in.    Greg noted that Parish council nominations are currently being sought.   The elections will occur in June.  Bios and pictures are needed by the end of May.   Four replacements are needed to maintain a 12-member council.  Greg also asked to have the council president vote in June, since he will be completing his term this year. 

Pastor’s Comments:  Seminarian collection yielded approximately $3000.  Fr. Bede requested a letter of commendation from the council to Tom Witt for all his efforts on behalf of the parish.  OLOF will have seminarian Arthur Torres in residence for the next few months.  A music ministry director position has been awarded to Will Thomas, with a start date of 6-1-11.  He will hold the organist position as well after Jonathan Ziegler leaves later this year.  The Pastor/Parish secretary position has not yet been filled.   Dottie O’Neal is filling in temporarily.

Fr. Bede offered a closing prayer and blessing.

The meeting ended at 8:40PM. 

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting

March 8, 2011

Attendance:  Fr. Bede,  Greg Ward, Steve Kintzele, Mary Burkhart, Martha Green, Phil Malach, Claudia Huddleston, Clint Woodfin, Barbara Foster,  Velma Burke, Dennis Ryniec, Carl Muse, Tony Richardson

Absent:  James Haug

Guest: Tony Hartman, Fr Shelton

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Greg.  Fr. Bede led the Council in an opening Prayer.

The minutes for February were reviewed. A motion was made by Phil to accept the minutes and Carl seconded the motion. The council, by voice vote, accepted the minutes.

Old Business: Dolores Maglione discussed the One Call System which has been used in a limited amount, it is now in full use and Dolores gave the information on how to use it to the council. It will also be given to the other parish ministry groups.
Velma will be taking over the secretary job from Steve beginning with the next meeting.
Barbara passed out the remaining Parish Council name tags to the members of the council.

Committee Reports:

CYO:  No Report

Family Life:  The fabric has been bought and sown for all the statues, so that they will be covered the 5th week of Lent. There is only one that still has to be done and that one is at the entrance of the Fatima Center. Mary asked Fr. Bede about its use on Good Friday. The new bulletin is just about ready, still need to check with Louise.  The Mom’s Group will be having their Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and it will be an Easter Celebration with lots of things to do for the kids. They will have a bake sale to raise money for the playground equipment. They still need $3,000.00 to install the 1st phase of the playground equipment.  If anyone has an idea on how to raise money please get with Liz.
Education:  The door going down to the basement classroom will start to be locked when classes are not being held. Kids are being dropped off and are going downstairs without supervision. They are proceeding with changing the entrance of Fatima Center; they will be painting a mural on the wall.

Worship and Spiritual Life:  Ash Wednesday masses will be 8:00am, noon, and 7:00 bilingual. Stations of the Cross will begin on Friday along with the Lenten Meal. Holy Week Masses will be the same on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be one mass, bilingual, on Holy Thursday at 7:00PM. Good Friday service will be at 7:00PM, Holy Saturday Easter Vigil mass will start at 8:30, sundown, it will be bilingual. Easter Masses will be at 8:00, 11:00 and 1:00PM. 1st Communion will be on May 1st. The crowning of Mary will be held on May 8th after the 8:30 Mass, weather permitting. Confirmation will be on May 14th, with Bishop Sitka presiding, at 5:00PM. Our Lady of Fatima feast day is Friday May 13th; there will be an 8:00am and 7:00pm mass. The 7:00pm mass will be bilingual.
Fr. Simon will be here April 9th thru the 15th, for our Parish Mission. Tickets are on sale for the Scott Hahn Event.

Social Action:   Haiti Committee has reported that FR. Wilfranc has asked for a Monstrance and one of the members committee will purchase one for him.
 FR. Wilfranc will be in Virginia in April. They will be boxing up they supplies for Haiti. Habitat for Humanity is moving and Martha is going to check and see if they have any left over stuff that we could send to Haiti. The Souder’s will be going to Haiti to teach them how to make soap, so that they can make the soap and sell it.
Good Neighbors had an article in the Daily Times which was caught by a TV station and they also did a piece on them. The result of this they have received over $15,000.00 in donations. The homeless situation in Blount County is approximately 70; there are 30 of these that have no car or much of anything.

Parish Life:  Dennis reported that the dates have been set with the ministries. He reported what several churches do in our area to get information to new members. They have committees that get back to the new people within 24 hours. Info was passed around to the council members to view. Once we are set up there will be an announcement made every weekend to inform people who would like to join our parish.

Communication: There was a discussion about the messaging system needing updating; it is still giving information about Christmas. Also the web site also needs to be checked for correct info.

Administration:  The pavilion is moving along, they are deciding what to use on the overhang and end caps. They have cut a ditch along the edge of the pad, with the heavy rain the water is coming onto the pad. Carl and Phil will inform the workers.  The K of C are  looking into what types of tables are going to go in the pavilion; they are going to give several suggestions to Fr. Bede. They are still deciding what course to follow in fixing all of the roof leaks; Tom Witt is taking the lead. There will be a double row of trees between the pavilion and the road, Tom Witt is in communication with the city. The parish council election was brought up, need candidates.

New Business:  Fr. Shelton gave a report on his presentation of Priest and Parish: he had 18 sessions; there was a slow response from the ministry groups. He scheduled 8 groups. He had several recommendations:
 1-The office could maintain an updated list of contact people for the ministries.
 2- All parish groups make a monthly report to the RRC.
 FR Shelton will start his Lenten Reflections on Thursday 3-10-11; it will be on the Church and the Sacred Scriptures. (“Between”).
Velma will be taking over as the recording secretary.
Juan and Martha were talking about a “Cinco de Mayo” party for the parish with the help of the Hospitality Group.  Martha will get back with Juan.  
 Fr Bede talked about the new liturgy that will be starting the first week of Advent. It will be new for the priest also. It will be done all at the same time it will not be piece meal. The new liturgies will more closely follow the Latin prayers.
There was a discussion about the policy about the use of the church and what type payment should be made. The Administration committee will look back at the policy.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34.

Fr. Shelton led the council in the closing prayer; he then blessed the council members.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting

February 8, 2011

Attendance: Greg Ward, Steve Kintzele, Mary Burkhart, Martha Green, Phil Malach, Claudia Huddleston, Clint Woodfin, Barbara Foster, James Haug, Velma Burke, Dennis Ryniec, Carl Muse

Absent: Fr. Bede, Tony Richardson

Guest: Tony Hartman

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Greg. Greg led the Council in an opening Prayer.

The minutes for January were reviewed. A motion was made by Phil to accept the minutes and Velma seconded the motion. The council, by voice vote, accepted the minutes.

Old Business: The Parish Retreat will be in April instead of March.
The name of Scott Haun has been misspelled in the past minutes, Steve will update the last several months of minutes.
There are questions about the electronic Faith Giving site, where is it located on our web site. Also there was a question of whether it was a lump sum at the beginning of the month or if it can it be done weekly.
A  question was asked if we still had the copper wire from the old 911 center and had it been stripped; it is still in the rectory.
Name tags, for the council, were brought up. Barbara will get the names tags.
The lights outside the narthex are now working. They also leveled out the hill, by Louisville Road.
They are still talking to the shingle company about the bad shingles. Tom Witt is still working on this.

Committee Reports:

CYO—No CYO meeting was held during January because of the weather. The annual spaghetti dinner/auction was held last Saturday, it was well attended and the auction went very well. The big item was a TV set which had a lot of action. They are working on a project to recycle in the parish.

Family Life:  No Report. Mary is still working on the new bulletin.

Education: Joyce held a reconciliation workshop to begin preparation for the 2nd grade class on January 29th. 1st reconciliation will be held on Feb 26th. Joyce asked about the Lenten meals, Dennis will contact her and they may work with the CYO. There will be teachers’ in-services for Lent on Feb. 20 and 23. They are still working on the mural at the entrance of the Fatima Center, where the Coke machine used to be.

Worship and Spiritual Life: There was no Liturgy meeting since December; the next one is scheduled for the end of February.
Spiritual Life is moving along with the Scott Haun visit in July. Tickets will be going on sale in the parish shortly. Two tickets were given to the CYO for their auction. We are now looking at where we will be getting the box lunches. Tickets will be going on sale for people outside the parish at the end of March.
The Parish Retreat will be on April 8th thru April 15th.

Social Action:   Family Promise had a great week. They received $20,000.00 from area churches. A family donated over 30 children’s books. They have two new board members and a new intern. Marriott Business services brought us $700-800 in needed supplies (diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, toilet paper, etc.)
Good neighbors had 698 phone calls come in and volunteers for the month numbered 295 hours.  That represents a very large amount of volunteering for just one group.
 There is a homeless coalition forming in Blount County to address the situation. The Salvation Army, over Christmas, raised $70,000.00 in Blount County.
The Haiti committee, sea container, is coming up April 1st thru the 15th; more info will be forthcoming. Father Wilfranc did get another parish to be the sister parish of his new parish. They are still working on the Cholera situation by looking into a water system.
BCEAC luncheon will here on June 28th 11:30 to 1:00. Martha will get them the info about Scott Haun coming here in July.

Parish Life: Dennis has the groups set for the Lenten meals with the Parish Council starting it off on March 11th.


They will be taking over the communication with the East Tennessee Catholic, to get info in the paper about Our Lady of Fatima. Clint has been looking at the web site to see what needs to be updated.
Clint asked if the Council members would be OK having their picture taken and having it placed in the Narthex someplace so people know who is on the council.

Administration:  Tony will be out of town for a couple of weeks. Phil is going to get with Jack Henson about the gulley between the two sidewalks, by the new pavilion, to see what can be done to level or redirect this area. The dumpster has been moved to behind the Fatima Center, by the A/C units. They will have to keep an eye on it this summer to make sure that the asphalt is thick enough to hold the truck up.
There will be a gate installed by the entrance, on the right side of the rectory, which we will be able to open and close. They are also looking into putting up signs saying Our Lady of Fatima Parking only.
They are looking for some one to take over the kitchen duties, as well as ordering supplies.

New Business:  James made a suggestion that we have a way to get the parishioners to write letters in favor of our priests and then forward them to the bishop. We know that there are people who like the way they are providing for our parish. The way to do this was discussed and will be discussed later.
Steve announced that he would be resigning as the secretary for health reasons  and is not sure how much time this problem is going to take up. He will do the February minutes and then hand it off to someone else. He will finish his term doing the worship and spiritual life until the next election.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

The council members went to the Adoration Chapel to pray a closing prayer on their own.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting

January 11, 2011


Attendance: Greg Ward, Steve Kintzele, Mary Burkhart, Martha Green, Phil Malach, Claudia Huddleston, Clint Woodfin, Barbara Foster, Fr. Bede

 Absent: James Haug, Velma Burke, Tony Richardson, Dennis Ryniec, Carl Muse

 Meeting was called to order at 6:32

 Greg Ward led the members in an opening prayer.

The minutes for November were reviewed. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Clint Woodfin and seconded by Phil Malach. The motion to accept was made by a voice vote and the minutes were accepted.

 The next date for the Parish Council to clean the church is February 12th.

 Old Business: Name tags for council members were brought up. Tony was to check on it and he was not at the meeting.

 Committee Reports

 Family Life: Mary presented to the council a new outline for our bulletin. It will be more concise and laid out in an orderly fashion. It will also have a new front cover that features Our Lady of Fatima and the church.

The Mom’s group has received the phase one items for the playground. They are looking for people to donate money for certain sections, either by individuals or groups. The play ground will be located by the new pavilion. They are also looking for people to assist in assembling it to reduce the cost.


CYO: No Report 

Administration: Phil advised the council of the meeting that was held about the problem with the roof and the leaks. All the contractors involved with the building of the church and parish administration group have met and we are looking at our options. Tom Witt has sent an email to the manufacturer of the shingles and is waiting for a reply.

The lights that are underneath the canopy in the front of the church are not working.

Phil is going to talk to the people grading the area by the road to see if they will lower the ridge, so that the view is clearer to the left as you leave the parking lot.

Education: There was a problem with the notification of classes being canceled during the snow storm; they are working to resolve the problem. The biggest problem was the time frame that they had in which to notify parents.

Worship and Spiritual Life: The Liturgy committee had a short meeting in November to finalize the Christmas season liturgy.

Spiritual Life had a meeting last Tuesday and will meet on the first Tuesday of the month. We talked about the Scott Haun visit; we have a contract so everything can start moving ahead full steam. We have just about all committee heads set and will begin selling tickets very shortly.

 There will be a Parish Retreat on March 8th thru March 15th; the retreat will focus on the Divine Mercy. Fr. Simon will be the presenter.  

Social Action: The Souder’s soap sale raised a little less than $2,000.00 for Haiti. The Haiti group will meet next week.

A parishioner has called Martha and would like to know what our answer is to helping the homeless.

There was a lot of discussion on the topic, by the council. The legal problems that could arise are a main concern with doing more. We will still help Family Promise as much as we can.

Parish Life: No Report

Communication: The email communications list is still being worked by Claudia and Kathy; as soon as the lists are completed they will start to send out test communications to these groups.

Claudia and Fr. Bede will meet with Louise tomorrow about how they are going to send our news to the East Tennessee Catholic.

New Business

A question was raised about having a new program that will follow Why Catholic. Nothing is scheduled through the Diocese.

The Friday dinners during Lent will be started again. It will be done by different groups; the Parish Life will be the head of this.

Fr Bede talked to the council about the Electronic Giving which we are starting here in the parish. Christmas giving was very small because of the inclement weather we had.

Fr. Bede said the closing prayer and blessed the council.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:57



There was no meeting in DECEMBER

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting

     November 9, 2010


Attendance: Greg Ward, Steve Kintzele, Mary Burkhart, Martha Green, Phil Malach, James Haug, Carl Muse, Velma Burke, Tony Richardson, Claudia Huddleston, Dennis Ryniec, Barbara Foster, Fr. Bede

Absent: Clint Woodfin                                

Guests: Tony Hartman, Joe Szmidt

Meeting was called to order at 6:30   Fr. Bede led the council in an opening prayer.

The minutes for September and October were reviewed and accepted by a voice vote of the council members.

The next date for the Parish Council to clean the church is December 11th.


Clint was nominated and accepted to join the American INS of Court. The dinner and recognition is tonight, so he will not be able to attend the meeting.


There will be no meeting in December.


Old Business: James brought up about not being able to change info on the web site. He said that you can change data on your screen, but it does not change the data on the web site. It can only be changed by the Webmaster or someone that has the password.

Names were turned in, to Greg, for the Strategic Planning group. He will meet with Fr. Bede.


Committee Reports

CYO: The CYO cleaned the church on Nov 6th; they had 5 people show up. They are having a fall retreat in Townsend this Sunday; it will be focusing on self esteem and prayer. Beginning Nov 20th the youths will be volunteering to be Lectors, Ushers, Choir members at the 5pm Mass on Saturday night. They will be doing this on the 3rd Saturday of every month. December 15th they will be having a potluck dinner and gift exchange.


Administration: Carl mentioned that the two plugs under the service window, are not working. The garbage disposal switch is not working properly and needs to be checked out. The handle for the hot water, on one of the sinks is missing. The work is continuing on the pavilion.  Someone reported the one of the commodes is not working in the ladies restroom.


Family Life: Mary wanted to thank everyone who helped with Trunk or Treat, it went very well.  Over 100 people attended. There was, however, a problem with scheduling. Mary had signed up to have the Social Hall Saturday and Sunday for trunk or treat. The KOC had a pancake breakfast scheduled for Sunday and the social hall had already been set up. So it had basically been double booked.

Mary also mentioned that when she went down stairs, with Joyce and Beth, to put the Halloween stuff away that the lights were on. No one knew how long they had been on. Mary asked if there could be a motion sensor switch put in to turn the lights off and on. Tony Hartman said though there is a plan to look at sensors, there was not one for this area. He said he will also check on having them installed there, as well.


The CCW will be having their bake/no bake sale this weekend after all the Masses.


Education: Joyce is very busy in the Religious Ed Dept. They enjoyed helping and participating in the trunk or treat event. Mary did a great job. This coming Sunday and next Wednesday, there will be a catechists meeting to review Advent preparation and activates. Joyce would love having someone step up and help put together a Jesse tree presentation instead of just putting up a tree in the narthex. Joyce does not have the time to take on any new projects but wishes to make more of a connection with the parish and thinks this would be a good way to do it. Perhaps a narrative about what the Jesse tree stands for would be a start.

Joyce will be on vacation from Nov 21st-November 30th. There will be no classes other than on the 21st. There was some discussion about the second entrance to the Fatima center being dirty and needing to be cleaned up. Someone also asked about a coke machine being put back in that area.


Worship and Spiritual Life: Advent begins on November 27th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception is on Wednesday Dec 8th, the Vigil Mass will be Tuesday Dec 7th at 6:00pm, Masses on Wednesday at 8:00am and 7:00pm bi-lingual. The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is Saturday Dec 11th, at 7:30 the regular Spanish mass. The penitential service will be Monday Dec 14th at 7:00. Christmas Masses are scheduled for Friday (Christmas Eve) 6:30, children’s mass, 7:30 Spanish and 12:00am Midnight mass, with carols starting at 11:30pm. Christmas Day mass are 8:30, 11:00, and 1:00pm all English. Sunday, Dec 26, there will be no vigil masses on Saturday; the Masses will be at 8:30am 11:00am and 1:00pm Spanish. New Years Day there will be just the regular 8:00 am Mass. January 2nd Masses will go back to the regular schedule, including the Vigil Mass.

Spiritual Life had their second meeting for the Scott Haun presentation on July 16th 2011. We are still waiting for a contract so that we can confirm that he will be here. There will be a box lunch served. We are looking into prices, so that we can keep the price of the ticket at $15.00.


Social Action: Haiti has had a cholera outbreak, Fr. Wilfranc is in need of chorine tablets, so the committee is sending him $2,000.00, we can not send the tablets not sure if they would get to him. Fr. Wilfranc is looking for a sister parish to work with his new parish. The Souder’s will be having their soap sale again after all masses December 11th with all the proceeds going to Haiti.

Good Neighbors had their progressive dinner and raised over $5,000.00 which is better than last year.

Family Promise: Our next scheduled week is the first week of January. They are planning a rummage sale to help raise money. We have about 27 people involved in this program.


Parish Life: Dennis is trying to reach the people in the different groups that fall under parish life; it has been just causal conversation right now.


Communication: Claudia has about 50% of the emails. She is going to work with Kathy to try and pull out the information of the organization in the parish to get more emails. She will meet with Fr. Bede so that they can decide what groups are to be included. She will then meet with the heads of these groups for the emails address as needed.

Claudia brought up an inconsistency of putting flyers into the bulletin. She was told that there would be no charge and another person said that there was a charge. She put the flyer in for 4 weeks; she was later told that there would be a $7.00 charge for the flyers. She has looked at other bulletins and was wondering if we could revamp ours so that we could get information out without the added flyers. Fr. Bede has told the office workers that only Diocesan and parish flyers that he has approved will be put into the bulletin. This will take effect January 1st.

The telephone communication update project is still being worked on.


Joe Szmidt mentioned that there was so much “stuff” near the bulletin board by the Nursery you could not get to the board to read it.  


New Business: 2011 Parish Council election, everyone needs to be thinking about it now. The elections will be held in May. The people, who are chosen, should be asked in January/ February to discern if they would like to be nominated, and put up for election to the parish council.  There will be 4 people whose terms are ending in June.


There has been a lot of discussion about why members have left and why. The number one reason is that there is a lot of negativism that is taking away from the mass. The second thing that was brought up was that only one committee is doing all the work and they are getting burned out. It seems that the fun, and the fellowship, is starting to erode. It seems that the attendance at the Mass is going down. One past member said that she went to a different church because of the “kissing and hugging” at her new church; this church is not a Catholic church.


One of the council members said that she visited her son’s church, in California, and that there were 2 Parish Council Members, a greeter, and the priest saying hi to everyone that came through the door.  There was discussion of going back to the Parish Council name tags and have them start to greet people at the masses.

Tony Hartman said that the he would like the parish council to clean the church on Dec 11th.  Tony asked for a person to be a point contact for the parish council and nobody stepped up, so I, Steve said I would be the contact person.


Fr. Bede gave his comments about how he sees our parish moving forward and becoming one parish. He would like to see the new people recognized when they visit us. He likes the conversations that the parish council has and the way we are trying to improve our parish. Fr Bede wants our parish to have more of a spiritual meaning which will bring the fellowship of the members. He is looking into bringing a priest here to present a retreat for the parish at the beginning of Lent.

Bishop Stika’s Twenty-fifth anniversary of his ordination is coming up on Dec. 12th at Scared Heart at 3:00pm.

Father also spoke about the memorial bricks, and that they are starting to have a lot of weeds and are sagging. Tony said that he would get with Sharon Brothers and see what can be done. It was brought up that the brick base may have to be redone to correct the bricks that are sagging. He asked if the Blount County Ecumenical council could assist in the prison ministry. Martha Green will talk with Fr. Bede. Fr. Bede asked for assistance in shutting off lights if you are the last person in a room, he knows that they are going to put sensors in the restrooms to help with this situation.

Roof leaks: a claim has been turned into Catholic Mutual Insurance. They sent an engineer out to look at it; the engineer and the roofer walked the whole length between the ceiling and roof. The engineer determined that the roof was not constructed correctly. He or Father would write Merit Construction to see what they say about coming out to fix it. The roofer that went up with the engineer said he would do the job for $85,000.00 that is putting on a whole new roof. It is a construction problem, we could just patch it but we would get another leak some where else.

Dennis will look into a visitor table at the entrance of the church.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm


Fr. Bede led the council in the closing prayer and final blessing.



Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting October 12, 2010

Attendance: Greg Ward, Steve Kintzele, Mary Burkhart, Martha Green, Clint Woodfin, James Haug, Carl Muse, Barbara Foster, Velma Burke, Fr. Bede

Absent: Phil Malach, Dennis Ryniec, Tony Richardson, Claudia Huddleston

Guest: Tony Hartman

Meeting was called to order at 6:33

Fr. Bede led the council in an opening prayer.

The September minutes were not presented, will be reviewed next month.

Old Business: None

Committee Reports:

CYO—September 29th a parent meeting was held. We had a good turnout with both parents and young adults. October 6th we did not meet because of fall break. October 13th the CYO will go as a group to pray at the 40 Days of Life. Father Shelton will give his presentation to the group on October 20th. There are no plans for anything special for much of November, just their regular meetings. They will hold a single day retreat at the end of November, which will be held at Fatima. They will not attend the Diocesan Retreat this year.

Family Life—Dolores said that they will be starting the one call message system; they are getting a packet together. We will get a 60 day trial and anyone will be able to use it as long as they have permission. The cost would be $1000.00 a year.

Trunk or Treat is coming along nicely; we have a lot of volunteers.

The Quilting Group will be creating some quilts; they are going to raffle them off to help reduce the debt of the parish.

Education—No Report

Worship and Spiritual Life—there was no meeting for the Liturgy Committee. There will be a mass at 7:00 pm on November 2nd, for All Souls Day. It will be bilingual.

Spiritual Life held a meeting, the main topic of which was the Scott Haun Presentation. He will be here July 16th 2011. The next meeting will be November 3rd, at this time we will start setting up committees. The subject of child care was mentioned and the thought was that this might be too big an obstacle. There was discussion by the Parish Council about this subject. We are looking at a price of $10 to $15. The traveling Mary has been repainted and the crown has been fixed.

Social Action—the Haiti Committee has changed their name after a lot of discussion and they finally decided on the Haiti Outreach Committee. They recently sent another $2000.00 to Fr. Wilfranc, in Haiti. They are saying a lot of masses for our parish as a thank you. Family Promise had a large fund raiser, which raised $5000.00. We recently had our week with families of Family Promises. The people who were involved in this week had nothing but praises for our parish. The people involved singled out two people from our parish. It was suggested that thank you letters be sent to these people. Good Neighbors progressive dinner is scheduled for November 7th. Tickets are available, the price is $25.00. A parishioner asked Martha to bring up to the Parish Council about setting up an organization to set up a central job location for people who have job openings. That way people who are looking for a job would know where to look.

Parish Life—no report

Communication—Claudia is still working on merging all the information and it is getting very intense. Clint has been getting in contact that has information technology experience so that we will not have to pay for this. He has been in touch with two parishioners who have this knowledge. He said while looking at our website he found a roster that you could click on and was able to change the information even though you weren’t that person and that was a big concern.

Administration—the site for our pavilion has been graded, it looks like its ready for forms and to pour concrete. The steel structure as been fabricated and there will be some welding on site. Hospitality Group is going to have a story telling at the dinner on November 8th. Tickets are now on sale. There is small electrical problem on the island in the kitchen and it is going to be looked into.

New Business— Barbara was asked to bring up a light that is out as you come into the door to Adoration Chapel. Tony said that it has been fixed. There is a concern about the handicap door, on the Fatima Center, is always locked. This door should unlock when ever the Fatima Center is in operation. There was some confusion on exactly which door, Barbara will get more information. The storage area, for the table and chairs was locked. Tony said that the door should not be locked and it was accidentally done. There is a key in the office to unlock it. Greg talked about the parish 5 year debt reduction plan; the Finance Committee is working on this, with Jim Link from the Diocese. We are looking at setting up a strategic planning group, who will look at things for the future. The council will think about who they think would be a good fit to be on this group, which will then be submitted to Fr. Bede.

The Mom’s Group will have a day of recollection on the 4th of December. Father also mentioned that we need to get more spiritual activities at the parish.

Bishop Sitka will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of his Ordination on December 12th.

Fr. Bede led the council in a closing prayer.


There was no Parish Council meeting in December so it will be the second Tuesday in January before those minutes can be approved. Please check back the week following January 11th for the December minutes..

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting

September 14, 2010

 Attendance: Greg Ward, Steve Kintzele, Mary Burkhart, Martha Green, Phil Malach, Clint Woodfin, James Haug, Carl Muse, Velma Burke, Tony Richardson, Claudia Huddleston, Fr. Bede

 Absent: Dennis Ryniec, Barbara Foster

 Meeting was called to order at 6:32.

 Fr. Bede led the council in an opening prayer.

 The August minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Clint to accept the minutes and Mary seconded. The council gave a unanimous approval by voice vote.

 The Parish Council next date to clean the church is October 16.                                                                

Old Business: Greg passed out a copy of an email about the minutes for the past months not being put in on a timely manner. I, Steve, take full responsibility of this and will try my best to improve the situation.    

 Committee Reports

 Communication: Claudia talked about the email address cards that had been filled out and turned in from the Sunday masses. It was commented that this was probably the best turn out in a long time. Claudia will merge the email address cards into a data base.

 It was brought up about the size of our bulletin and the number of inserts that we have. The council was told that the cost of the inserts is paid for by the organization that want them put in the bulletin.

 CYO: They had their first meeting on August 25th. The main thing that they have been working on is the carnival, for the CCD picnic.

The youth participated at the Diocesan Youth Mass on September 11th. They represented our parish in a very fine matter.

They have been working on the CYO room; it will be used as a small prayer room.

CYO goes all year long but officially begins on Sept 1st.

Family Life: The Mom’s group made $1,600.00 this year on their sale, this compares to $400.00 last year. They have approximately $14,000.00 for they playground project. There are Trunk or Treat sign ups in the narthex. The Knights will take care of the hot dogs. Mary will get with Louise about putting the information in the bulletin and announcements after the masses.

Education: Joyce is busy preparing for the start of the classes and the Kick Off event.

On Wednesday September 15th Joyce will meet with the 8th grade (confirmation) students and parents. They will take an assessment test to see how we are doing on covering the material they should know at this juncture.

The first calls will be Sunday Sept. 19th and Wednesday Sept. 22nd.

They will be tackling the mural project soon.

The Kick Off was a huge success, thanks to Fr. Bede for being a good sport agreeing to be dunked.

Worship and Spiritual Life: Why Catholic will have a kickoff next weekend, this is the 4th year. The will begin on Sunday September 26th and go for 6 weeks.

There will be a meeting for new EMHC tomorrow night, we have six new people.

There will be meetings for the lectors in November, we will go over a few changes and pass out the new lector books.

Spiritual Life met and talked about Scott Haun coming to OLOF on July 16, 2010. We started the planning for this project. We will need help putting this together.

Social Action: Martha found out some information about the Legion of Mary. There is a brochure in the Adoration Chapel.

Haiti committee is looking at ways to raise money, they have things in the works but nothing is finalized.

Family Promise- our week will be the first week of October.

Parish Life: No Report

Administration: The Knights held a ground breaking for the pavilion, Monsignor Menkle, Fr. Bede, and Fr John Orr where there.

We are storing the dirt, for Aldi’s, by the white house, they will be doing the ground work for the Pavilion.

New Business: Nothing to add.

Fr. Bede reported that he had received a letter form the Newcomer Group. He will be meeting with them to discuss their concerns.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:14

Fr. Bede led the council in the closing prayer.


Our Lady of Fatima Parish Council Meeting

August 10, 2010 

Attendance: Greg Ward, Steve Kintzele. Mary Burkhart, Martha Green, Phil Malach, Dennis Ryniec, Clint Woodfin, James Haug, Carl Muse, Barbara Foster, Velma Burke, Tony Richardson

Absent: Fr. Bede, Claudia Huddleston


Meeting was called to order at 6:33.

Phil Malach led the council in an opening in prayer.

The July minutes were read, a motion was made by Martha to accept the minutes and Phil seconded. the council gave a unanimous approval by a voice vote.

Tony will discern on which committee he would best fit in.

Velma will team with Mary Burkhart as co-chairman of Family Life.

Committee Reports

CYO—August 25th will be their first meeting. They are working on the room just outside the social hall, which will be their meeting room.

Family Life-Mary met with the Mom’s Group, they gave her some ideas for Trunk or Treat, which she will put in an outline as she goes forward for the October 31st Trunk or Treat night. She asked who she should contact from Knights about the hot dogs, she was told to contact Dave Bender.

Education:  Greg attended the Teachers Inservice. Fr. Shelton presented “The Priest, Pastor and Leader of the Parish Community”.

Worship and Spiritually Life: The liturgy committee was given the presentation from Fr. Shelton at the end of their monthly meeting. They are making announcements at the masses to please return any borrowed books to the Adoration chapel. They are about to complete cards, which will be given to the local hotels that will have the directions and mass schedules for Our Lady of Fatima.

Social Actions: The second collection for Fr. Wilfranc totaled $8,300.00. Two people came in on Monday and gave $3,000.00 and $1,000.00, for a total of $12,300.00. The parish needs to be given a huge at-a-boy. The regular green envelopes usually bring in $4,000.00 a month but this month it was $6,000.00, which goes to the teachers salaries. There were a lot of parishioners that offered to take Fr. Wilfranc out while he was here. His English has greatly improved. There have been people who have volunteered to go to Haiti next year. Marty Deschenes has stepped up to head the Haiti Group.

Family Promise has a new chairman, beginning in October the program is working well, but it’s hard to keep a person in the leader position.

Good Neighbors is having a Progressive Dinner November 7th, as of this time they do not know which churches will be  involved in the dinner. Our parish will be selling tickets. There are programs that Martha would like to see our parish gets involved in like Blount County Housing Repair Collaborative which repairs things at homes of people who need it. Another thing is helping people with transportation, to doctor’s appointments, taking them to church, etc. The Angel Food ministry is another thing that was suggested we get involved in.

Welcome table is a program that gives a free dinner that is open to the public and anybody can come to it. There used to be 7 churches that did this, now New Providence has been going for two years now.

Parish Life: No Report

Communication: They are tossing around ideas about how to get the communication improved in the parish. One idea is to get the email addresses of our parishioners in order to contact them about things that are happening in the parish. There will have to be, possibly several groups to do this and they are still working on how to get it off the ground.

Administration: The Hospitality group finished the entrance to the Fatima Center, mounting a picture and crucifix, also painted the area. The steps were pressure washed. Knights of Columbus new flatware has been washed and put in a bin and is stored in the pantry, which has been locked. Tony had keys made, he (Tony), Carl, Louise, and Dottie Berry each have a key to get in the pantry.

July 22nd Carl, Phil, Tony and Louise have a meeting to talk about the charges for the use of the facilities. If you use the Fatima Center for 20 hours or more a month you will be charged $50.00 for power bill. Parishioners will be charged $150.00, non-parishioners $350.00. If you are going to use the hall you need to set up on the same day. Last year we had to pay out over $40,000 just for the Fatima Center. We get charged for peak demand, which is the highest amount that is used and it does not matter if it happened on the last day you pay for the whole month. There was some discussion on charging for Baptism, Weddings and other uses when people need a church. It was decided to wait for Fr. Bede to discuss it more.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:59.

 The council went to the Adoration to pray for our Priests, our Parish, and their own intentions.