What it is: National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) is the nationwide federation in the United States of Catholic women and their organizations. It was founded by 200 concerned women in 1920 at the call of the Bishops of the United Stales.

NCCW is affiliated with local, parish, diocesan and state organizations.

It is national organizations with vast individual memberships.

It is Archdiocesan and Diocesan Councils of Catholic Women spanning the United States.

It is the representative voice of some 10 million women.

NCCW is millions of concerned women working together through national program commissions which reflect current issues in the Church and society.

 NCCW, retaining its autonomy and identity, together with the National Council of Catholic Men, founded the National Council of Catholic Laity in 1971.

 NCCW is related to the National Council of Catholic Bishops through the Bishops' Committee on the Lay Apostolate and to the U.S. Catholic Conference as an affiliated organization.

 NCCW is an affiliate of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations which unites Catholic organizations of women globally.

 NCCW is a founding member of Women in Community Service, Inc. which unites National Council of Negro Women, National Council of Jewish Women, Church Women United and the American G. I. Forum Women to help disadvantaged young women and their families.

 What it does...

 Unites Catholic organizations and individual Catholic women of the United States.

 Develops their leadership potential.

 Assists them to act upon current issues in the Church and society.

 Provides a medium through which the Catholic women may speak and act upon matters of common interest.

 Relates to other national and international organizations in the solution of present day problems.

 How it operates...

 The government of NCCW is its biennial national convention. Between conventions, NCCW is governed by the General Assembly, a board of directors composed of the officers of NCCW, Presidents of Archdiocesan and Diocesan Councils and National Organizations, and the members of the Executive Committee.

 Its Executive Committee is constituted of the officers of NCCW, elected by the entire membership through their voting delegates at the biennial national convention; Province Directors, elected by the geographical dioceses they represent; an elected representative of National Organizations; and presidentially appointed National Commission Chairmen.

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Taking the directive of the Fathers of Vatican Council II in the Decree on the Lay Apostolate as its own,

The National Council of Catholic Women established Program Commissions on Church Communities, Community Affairs, Family Affairs, International Affairs, and Organization Services.

 Church Communities Commission

The aim of the Church Communities Commission is to create a community of God's people that is educated and dynamic. Its program of study and action in the areas of scripture, liturgy and ecumenism lead to the experience of community and of Christ's own life.

 Family Affairs Commission

The aim of the Family Affairs Commission is to assist members in achieving truly Christian family living and to preserve Christian principles in those areas that pertain to the welfare of all families. Its program is concerned with child and parent education, preservation of family unity, sex education, formation for marriage and parenthood, care for the aged, and religion in the family.

 Community Affairs Commission

The aim of the Community Affairs Commission is to involve the member of NCCW—and all people—in working to answer the needs of their individual communities. Its program, determined by local needs, includes such areas as housing, urban development, rural life, safety, health and welfare, and government.

 International Affairs Commission

The aim of the International Affairs Commission is to awaken in all Christians a conviction of their responsibility for the international society and to create through this conviction a brotherhood of all peoples. Its program of study and action is concerned with peace, education for international understanding, international relief and development, hospitality  to foreign students and visitors, and participation in meetings of an international nature.

 Organization Services Commission

The work of the Organization Services Commission is to act as a service bureau for all the NCCW affiliates and to give supportive services to the four substantive Commissions. Its services include organization development, field services, public relations information on legislative processes, and publications.


All Catholic organizations and individuals who subscribe to the objectives of NCCW are invited to affiliate or become individual members





Catholic Women


     Our Lady of Fatima
Catholic Church

Our members

continue serving



Altar Servers


Lectors and

Choir members

Adoration Adorers


Cheryl Land, President

Peggy Norris, VP

Mary Anne Backscheider, Treasurer

Eleanore Francis, Secretary


Activities and Accomplishments

June 2004 – March 2005

Proceeds of $1,915.00 from a fall “Cookie Dough Sale” and a “Polo and Sweatshirt Sale” were donated to Our Lady of Fatima debt reduction fund.   In addition, $600.00 was presented to the Good Samaritan Clinic of Blount County

 $500 from the proceeds of the November rummage sale held with the Knights of Columbus was donated to the church debt reduction fund.

 Funds were provided for the purchase of 10 tables, drapes and window hardware for the Fatima Center social hall.

A check for $180.00 was given to the Maryville Housing Authority to develop 6 disaster boxes.  An additional donation to the community was a check for $200.00 to Haven House.   This group assists abused and battered women and children

2nd Wed. of each month we pay a visit to the Maryville Health Care and Rehabilitation Center to celebrate the residents birthdays with greetings, singing and snacks.  A lap quilt is given to the eldest person.

We place a Christmas “Angel Tree” in the church during Advent and obtain Christmas gifts from our church community for distribution to residents in area health care centers, Children’s Home and those in need.

Food items are collected each Sunday and taken to the Food Connection where assistance is given in the distribution.  We were able to include the excess tubs of cookie dough from our fall sale.

A 7th grade student at Sacred Heart Grade School and a parishioner was given $300.00 to enable her to pay part of a trip to Washington, DC to attend the Junior Leaders Conference there.

A Christmas luncheon was held at Green Meadows Country Club for the ladies of the parish to enjoy fellowship together.  Monetary gifts were presented to our 3 resident priests and church secretary

We assist with food items and help at funeral meals for the Comfort Food bereavement ministry.

Through the year members manage and work in the “Angels Corner,” our religious gift shop in church.  This services not only our parish, but anyone wanting religious articles.  It is open after each weekend Mass.

Our members attend Mass at various days during the month (called 31 Club for Vocations ) to pray for vocations in support of the Serra Club.  This is the lay vocation arm of the church, which mission is to foster and affirm vocations to the religious life.

Serve as members of the Hospitality committee, who serve coffee and donuts after 8:30 Mass each Sunday, greet church arrivals, and participate in ongoing, scheduled hospitality activities.

Serve as hospital volunteers in our community hospital.

Many members are part of the Newcomers Committee welcoming new parishioners with a visit and information.  Newcomer dinners are held in April and October.  Church organizations and groups are invited to furnish information and answer questions.

On an international scale, $200.00 was given to the Madonna Plan which assists women in third-world countries, teaching them to care for themselves and their families.  Another third-world donation of $200.00 was given to the Water for Life organization.  This group aids in providing wells and clean water for these people.

We underwrote the Brownies Religious Awards. Pins and Teaching Materials and also donated religious articles to Msgr. Ed Ogidon from our sister parish in Nigeria.

We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month, alternating times of 10 a.m. and 7:00 pm.

Please check your church bulletin.